Whats New In The Clouds, Simba?

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Many readers will be well aware or my love of hosting my own alternatives to popular software such as Whatsapp, Gmail, Dropbox and many, many more. There has not been a self hosting update here for quite some time until now.

So what has been happening and what is new?

Nextcloud continues to go from strength and I have now have a dedicated server for my instance. As a replacement for Dropbox amongst other things it really does deserve more praise than it gets. My instance has been maxed out in the plugin department and is all the better for it! Collabora brings online document editing and the Talk Application is fast replacing Skype for me.

Draw.io. Now This was an absolute find! A completely online version of Microsoft Visio. Mine also integrates with Nextcloud above. If you need to do system diagrams or process diagrams often then this is worth a shot.

Wekan, has become my go-to for Kanban style project management software. This software still has further to go and so much more potentially to give. I have almost given up trying to find an online replacement for Microsoft Project that is not prone to problems.

Replacing Slack and others has come in two forms. Discourse and Mattermost both of which have many pro’s and many con’s. They work well the way have them configured and I prefer Mattermost for talking to both readers and advertisers of The Trade House Magazine alike.

Codiad is an excellent tool that takes care of development and allows me to develop “on the hoof”.

Odds and Ends.

I have found an excellent HTML emulator for the Original Nintendo console on GitHub and got it working. Its nice to be able to have a bit of fun with self hosting from time to time.

CourtFax. What? Yes I have also developed my own system for tying together a number of scripts that to various little jobs such as PGP and bringing them under one roof. I even tried to emulate the similar sounding and long lost CeeFax in the header logo.


So that is the latest on my self hosting endeavours. As always I am grateful to this Github project for providing me with new stuff to try on a regular basis.