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Website Statistics 2020

Firstly let me thank all 139,783 visitors to the public-facing parts

Of these 139,783 visitors. 133,000 were to this part of, the main website.

Of course is made up of many parts both public and private.

Visitors from the UK and The US made up 68% of our visitors.

Bots counted for 6% of visitors.

Social Media made up 43% of visitors. The most popular network was Facebook, followed by Linkedin, then Twitter and other smaller ones.

The bounce rate was 28%

Lots of visitors used our translation tools, with German, Polish, Latvian and Lithuanian being the most popular translated languages.

After Windows Desktops running the Google Chrome browser, the next most popular hardware and software combination for visiting this site was the Apple iPhone running Safari. The iPhone X was the most most most popular iPhone to visit. From the Android Camp the Samsung  Galaxy S10 was the most popular phone to visit. I was surprised to see 10 visits from Blackberry devices during the year – I didnt think these existed anymore!

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