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Site Growth

I am asked quite a bit about how I grew readership of this site from its start to what it is now.

At first this site was a 1 page holding site. It had been like that for some time and would regularly garner 50 unique visitors per month in that state sometimes more mainly from people my name. Bounce rate was obviously high as there was only one page.

In 2012 the site was converted to a WordPress site and some content was added.  This gave people more to look at and the site suddenly grew to 1,000 unique visitors on average. This kept climbing. It hit 11,000 in 2017 and dropped back to about 5,000. From March 2018 this climbed back up to approximately 9,000 and this became the new baseline. This number would increase depending on two things for a while. A new issue of The Trade House Magazine or a mass of new products at The Trade Counter.

Over the time there have been many different things to look at and do, Trade Jobs, The Trade Counter, The Trade Lounge. There were over 200 static pages at one point and there are over 6,000 items of content on this site.

2020 saw a monthly average of just under 12,000. Tracking against average was tight with a low in September and a high in December.

2021 is already seeing a monthly average of around 12,750 and again tracking against average is tight.

The Excel Spreadsheet that tracks visitor details from my Analytics tool and performs very calculations is predicting a total number of visitors of 152,000 for 2021! I have a slightly higher “stretch” target of 175,000!

So how do I do it? Yes, I post links to social media. This is only part of it. I get a lot of traffic from search engines. A lot of people search for my name. People doing that visit the most content. Other people are searching for specific things. These visitors tend to only look at 2 or 4 pages. Of course, my well-publicised internet stalkers have had some input to these figures. Even though my stalkers are gone now the numbers are still high.

There is no doubt that my content writing has improved over the years and as I started this site as a blog to help me improve my content writing, it seems to have worked.  The other thing that I think has helped is that I like working with WordPress and I like keeping this site in good condition.

There is no advanced “search engine manipulation” at play in the administration of this website. No fancy Google “tricks”. I do keep an eye on what Google says about their various updates and try to keep the site in keeping with various things that they measure against such as page speed. But aside from that, there is nothing fancy going on.

What I am very pleased about and somewhat surprised about is that despite the fact that there is a lack of things to do on the site the number of visitors continues to grow. There no longer is an executive jobs board or a large shop to buy business stock from and The Trade Lounge has gone as has the travel shop. Sure “The Club” has arrived and the last ever issue of The Trade House Magazine and its supporting publications are still available. These are still very well-read.

Prior to the “linkgate” fiasco involving Facebook over 50% of my social media traffic came from Facebook. Many visitors from Facebook are now coming direct and are exploring the site more.  Other new “upstart” social networks are getting in on the act and even if I resolve “linkgate” with Facebook I can see their share of visits from social media declining.

So in answer to the question, it is just the content that is keeping the numbers high and in a growth trajectory.

Rest assured I am keeping this site going. There will be at least one item of content added every week even if it is only an update. I hope to keep these numbers high and I would love to hit the 175,000 for 2021 even if the systems are currently only predicting 152,000 ish


10,693,604. So what does it mean?

The number is very significant indeed. You see I have been developing websites since 1997. I have lost count of the number of I have done in total. I have developed a good number for businesses I have owned and indeed some personal websites too.

10,693,604 relates to the total number of visitors that have visited sites that I have wholly developed for businesses that I have wholly owned and some personal sites I have developed. This is the total figure from 1997 to now.

I too was surprised So let’s break the figures down. courtguinness.com takes around 11% of this number. My former online retailing businesses such as The Hotels Network, Network Travel, Shop For Electricals, Tastefull Lingerie and The Mobile Fone Network make up 60% with sites such as SystemNet Data, Naytencourt and the rest taking the remainder. 30% of all visits came from social media. The average bounce rate surprised me too sitting at 19%. I thought it would be higher.

I only have one site now, this one. Last year this site welcomed 140,000 visitors and is predicted to welcome 115,000 visitors in 2021 according to the software developed in Excel that I use to forecast these things.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the website visitors that have made this success possible.


130,000 Visits This Year!

I am so pleased that to announce that at 15:00 UK time the courtguinness.com achieved 130,000 visits – excluding my own for 2020!

Visitors have spent an average of 23 minutes every hour on this website over the course of the year.

The Trade House Magazine (copy below has achieved) 30,100 unqiue readers for the Winter 2020/2021 Special Edition which is also the final issue.

I would take to take this opportunity to thank all readers for visiting and reading and helping the website and magazine reach these successes.

Happy 4th Birthday to this blog!

Yes it is four years since I set up this website. At the start it was exercise in helping me to write better copy but over time it has expanded a lot and I have actually come to enjoy writing blogs. In all I have now written over 200 blogs! Here is a selection of the most read content on this blog: The ones that got away. Sealine going into administration Annual Awards 2013 Hate Parade Introducing Swissy Crap Hospitals What happened in 2015? You can view all of my 200 + blogs here.   This blog has been read by thousand of unique visitors in the last four years and has picked up three stalkers. Yep three of them now. I would like to thank all of the visitors to this site for reading this blog. The site will be continuing and I have no plans to give up blogging. Here’s to the next four years – Cheers!

Site Stats

I started this site just over a year ago and have now had a chance to go through the statistics that show me who has looked at the site and when and also which search terms have been used so I thought I would post a little summary up here. 700 Visitors 580 of them unique. 3000 page views. Most popular Search Terms include “st georges gossip”, “pikeys in Raynes Park” and “Court Guinness”. I was suprised to see however that the post popular post this year appears to be my little obituary to Sealine. Thank you for visiting!