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Bye Bye Marlboro

Thanks to the website of The Evening Standard I have just learned that Phillip Morris will be pulling their Marlboro products from the UK within the next 10 years. A brand of cigarettes I smoked for 27 years until 2018 when I quit smoking.

I can sort of see what Phillip Morris are doing here. They want people to move to vaping products. I am still waiting for the UK government to tax the hell out of vaping products in the same way that they taxed cigarettes on the basis of anything to increase government revenue.

For many years a packet of Marlboro used to share pocket space with my keys or my mobile phone and there was always a spare pack in my briefcase. God only knows how many packets of Marlboro I have smoked. My bank manager suggests the number may be substantial! From time to time I still miss the cigarettes. I get that moves are being made to make smoking more and more acceptable. It is about 14 years since the smoking ban came into force in England.

All the same, it is a shame to see a once favoured brand disappearing. Unfortunately, so many older and much-vaunted brands have their writing on the wall at the moment. There is a lot of change going on and some brands are starting to struggle.

It will be a shame to see Marlboro disappear.

Fear not I am returning to smoking. I am happy with a vape!