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Delivery Drivers And Culture – The Security Threat

Lockdowns in the light of the pandemic have been a bonus for the delivery services and have been a veritable god send for the people using them. Deliveries have increased in every sector. These deliveries are vital for their recipients but I have noticed an undercurrent and security risk that should not be happening. This risk is not only antisocial but it is a benefit to burglars too.

I live in a block of flats with a front security door. This is what delivery drivers do and I know I am not the only one to witness this. They do not ring for the flat but try the “Trade” button. When this does not work. They try and force the door. Sometimes with success. Again anti-social but an open invitation to a burglar to walk straight into a secure block of flats.

It gets worse, as I have to pay for replacement doors in my service charge, which went up substantially last year owing to delivery drivers forcing the main door and will do again this year owing to the same.

Now I can sometimes see the security door depending on which room I am so I have compiled a list of the top offender of this crime.

  1. Amazon these guys are the most frequent and from what I have seen the most violent ones at my front security door. They have completely removed a secure closed door more than once! The Amazon drivers like to push past elderly residents as they are coming and going too. I have been told that they have broken glass in security doors at other blocks too.
  2. Hermes. Yes, when they actually deliver, they often leave the parcels outside or just visit to claim delivery! They give the door a good go.
  3. Yodel, not as violent as the other two but still guilty.
  4. Tesco. Often happens but their other crime is making a slightly damaged door much, much worse.

If we are going to name and shame the rotters we must acknowledge the good guys too. DPD are also frequent visitors to my block and I have never seen such behaviour from these guys. Always very polite too. No trying to push past people either. They wait until they are invited.

My biggest concern is that the behaviour of these delivery drivers invites other crimes. In fact, by damaging the security doors they are committing a crime in the first place. Criminal damage. I do wish someone would actually catch them in the act. Personally, I would like to see action in the courts and lots of it, as I think it is the only way that this practice can be stamped out. I know for one that I will be even more annoyed if my insurance premiums are impacted.

I actually just wish they would completely stop. It is actually everyone’s right to live in a safe secure home without the threat of crime.

Let us talk Tesco…

I really am not sure what to think about Tesco these days. Lets look at the plus sides first. The prices are ok. The staff are generally good, their delivery drivers especially polite. Much more polite than those of their “orange” competitors for a start. Even in a non english speaking country I was able to find an english speaker working as staff in a branch of Tesco!
Now we have to look at some negatives. It seems to me that you cannot go more than 6-9 months without another scandal hitting Tesco. First it was horsemeat, that was in 2013. Then there was little bit of trouble with their accounts. £250 millionish worth of trouble wasn’t it? If my memory serves me correctly their leadership has chopped and changed quite a bit in that period as well. This leads nicely on to the debacle at the weekend at Tesco bank. The bank arm got hacked by fraudsters and lots of their customers had their bank accounts drained of cash. Some have said more than 20,000 customers are effected. This is a big security breach. A very big one indeed. Someone in IT security at Tesco has clearly taken their foot off the gas, or maybe even gone home early. I will write more at somepoint about the differences between what an IT security department does and what t is supposed to do.
Anyway. Lets get back to Tesco. Where do they go from here? Will we be seeing more scandals every 6-9 months or so? Will we see a spectacular fall from grace that will take away Tesco from their lofty prominence? Or will we see Tesco gain and keep stability and gain an ability to keep away from the scandal spotlight?
Me? I’m not too sure, but I will say this much. Whilst I will still continue to pop in for 4 pints of milk and a loaf of bread as I have always done I will not be adding any Tesco shares to my investment portfolio anytime soon.