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Technology Business Opportunities : December 2020

Please see below for a list of project based business opportunities from The Trade House Magazine.  There is a form below a copy of The Trade House Magazine if you have any queries about any of the business opportunities listed.


Listing Id: 17

Name: Data Centres Required in Serbia

Location: Europe

Sector: Technology

Text: My client is a well funded Data Centre operator. They
have instructed me to source suitable small Data
Centre’s to purchase in Serbia. If you are a Data Centre
owner or operator in Serbia who is looking to sell or
considering disposal options then Please use the form
to contact me to arrange for us to have a confidential


Listing Id: 22

Name: Dealers Required West Midlands

Location: Midlands

Sector: Technology

Text: Dealers are required for a new range of software in the
West Midlands. Must have a good SME client base


Listing Id: 70

Name: Zapier Expert Required

Location: All

Sector: Technology

Text: A Zapier Expert is required to create multiple custom
integrations for a new company. Estimated 21 man day
effort. Full details under NDA


Listing Id: 77

Name: IT Company For Sale

Location: London

Sector: Technology

Text: For sale is a small IT support and consultancy
business that specialises in supporting SME’s in South
and West London. Along with Cloud Services and
Specialist Microsoft System Center consulting services
to larger organisations. This is a highly confidential
Location: London.


Listing Id: 83

Name: iPhone and Android Apps required

Location: All

Sector: Technology

Text: My client owns a number of Apps for the iPhone and
Android devices. My client wishes to expand his
portfolio and wishes to acquire apps to add to his
portfolio. If you have an app and wish to sell it please
contact me for a chat.


Listing Id: 127

Name: Required—API Developer

Location: South East

Sector: Technology

Text: My clients are currently “in-flight” on an exciting joint
venture. They require a skilled developer who has
developed an API previously with good C# and PHP
skills to work with them on a freelance basis. Excellent
rates. Please contact me for more information.


Listing Id:

Name: Software Development Businesses Required For

Location: All

Sector: Technology

Text: Software development businesses wanted by
aggregator for acquisition – Excellent opportunities for
the right business good budgets available. All
possibilities looked at.


Listing Id: 146

Name: Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Consultancy For Sale

Location: North West

Sector: Technology

Text: My client is a good forward thinking consultancy in the
blockchain and cryptocurrency markets. They are
profitable and have a client base to die for. They are
seeking to expand their business via equity sale and I
invite prospective Partners to contact me for more
information. Asking Price 100% £800k


Listing Id: 160

Name: Social Media and Networking Business For Sale

Location: London

Sector: Technology

Text: My client is selling a unique business that offers
business services and events to start up and early
stage businesses. Our clients events are very well
attended and create excellent gross profit.


Listing Id: 180

Name: Bespoke Printer Producer

Location: North West

Sector: Technology

Text: Our client has instructed us to sell a small business that
produces bespoke printers as a going concern. The
current business while profitable requires a fresh
injection of capital and forward thinking management in
order to refresh the business. This would make an ideal
bolt on for an established technology business.
Prospectus available now. Very confidential instruction.


Listing Id: 217

Name: 5 Web Hosting Businesses Required!!!

Location: All

Sector: Technology

Text: Following instructions from clients we are looking for 5
web hosting companies preferably based within the
European Union, however other locations may be
considered. The financial status of the business is not
a concern for most of the clients and some may well
consider businesses trading at a loss. All of our clients
will consider businesses valued to £125k (UK sterling
or equivalent). Please note these are 5 different
requirements from 5 different clients. If you are looking
to sell your web hosting business please do contact us
in the first instance.


Listing Id: 221

Name: Plugin And Theme Developer

Location: All

Sector: Technology

Text: The P2 Set are delighted to bring to off market sale a
specialist development company that develops
themes, add-ons and plugins for popular content
management systems such as WordPress, Joomla,
Concrete 5 and many more. A full prospectus is
available. Asking £145,000 .


Listing Id: 238

Name: Data Centre For Sale

Location: Wales

Sector: Technology

Text: Data centre for sale near Cardiff. Advertised for clients.
Asking price £4,000,0000


Listing Id:

Name: CMS Developer Required

Location: Europe

Sector: Technology

Text: CMS Developer Required from January 2021.
Must be EU based. Must have WordPress, PHPList,
Mautic and Yetiforce experience as a minimum.
References required.


Listing Id: 1678

Name: Internet Service Provider for sale – Northern Ireland.

Location: Ireland

Sector: Technology

Text: Location: Northern Ireland. Strong client based. Good
product offering. 50/50 Commercial/Residential mix.
Price € Please Call.


Listing Id: 2109

Name: Dealers Required For Tablets and Laptops

Location: All

Sector: Technology

Text: I am looking for dealers and resellers Europe wide for
a range of computers and tablets from Malaysia. These
include Android tablets, Windows tablets, very small
form factor PC’s. Laptops and Chromebooks from 8″ –
14″. Android smartphones and Phablets. Retail prices
from £89-£599.


Listing Id: 4068

Name: Data Centres Required Western Europe

Location: Europe

Sector: Technology

Text: Data centres are required in Western Europe for
immediate purchase. Swift completetion. Excellent
budgets available.


Listing Id: 4283

Name: WSI Franchise Resale’s x2 – Coming soon

Asking: £70,000.00

Location: Home Counties

Sector: Technology

Text: Soon to be released to market. 2 x UK WSI franchise
licenses for resale by current owners. These will be
realistically priced for expedient sale. Price: £ Please
ask us


Listing Id: 6637

Name: Data Centre For Sale – Nottingham

Asking: £8,000,000.00

Sector: Technology

Text: Data centre for sale near Nottingham. Advertised for
Asking price £8,000,0000


Listing Id:

Name: Virtual Office Platform For Sale

Location: Midlands

Sector: Technology

Text: Virtual office platform providing Virtual office solutions
based on Nextcloud, SuiteCRM, WordPress, Mautic,
PHPBB and Kanboard for sale.

Included are all hardware, software, tools, operations
manuals and the client base.


The Trade House Magazine

Contact Form

    Business Developers Required

    Esgil require freelance business developers for their technology businesses.

    Spanning IT Support, hosting and consultancy, the group are looking for a number of good quality business developers to enhance the businesses.

    Great levels of commission are available as are flexible terms.

    Please contact us for more information and a confidential discussion.

    17 Years Old Today. The Kit that powers this site

    WordPress has been powering sites that I own or sites that I have built for 11 of the past 17 years. I have built WordPress since 2009. Since 2011 I have needed a very good reason to build a website in anything but WordPress. We are talking over 200 websites. At one point I owned 40 WordPress websites! I haven’t built a site in anything else since 2013.

    I remember once being in hospital and so bored that I updated 12 WordPress websites by clicking on each individual update!

    The code base of WordPress has changed monumentally since I first started using it and it has developed from blogging software into a fully fledged website operating system and content management system. This website has developed since 2011 and seen updates since WordPress 2.7. Ok it was heavily rebuilt earlier this year.

    This is quite a heavy site – over 10,000 individual items of content and I sometimes consider moving it to another CMS or platform but I never do. WordPress is perfect and I appreciate the regular updates and swift security patches.

    After a while I have even begun to like the new Gutenberg block editor! In short I am very happy with WordPress.

    In closing there is only one thing left to say. Thank You and Happy Birthday WordPress!

    Software development businesses wanted

    Our clients are looking for Software Development companies seeking acquisition in the following locations:

    • India
    • Ireland
    • Poland
    • Romania
    • Czech Republic
    • Montenegro
    • Bulgaria
    • Serbia
    • Slovakia

    Our clients are currently unconcerned about the reason for acquisition and will look at all potential applicants regardless of financial status. Please use the form below to contact me for more information.

    [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]

    The P2 List Technology Special Edition November 2016

    Please see below for The P2 List Technology Special Edition for November 2016. This issue lists a large number of business opportunities that I have on my desk in the Technology, Telecoms, Ecommerce and IT sectors.
    You can download a copy by clicking on this link. [download id=”18355″] If you have any questions about any of the opportunities listed, please use the form below to contact me. [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]

    AMAZON AWS S3 Failure

    So according to this article the Amazon AWS S3 platform is having some problems. Some of the largest websites in the world have been affected by an outage. Amazon is saying it is an increase in error rates as opposed to an outage. Some sites and services are missing data, some are offline and some are running slower than I can walk 🙁

    This is not a good thing for businesses who need to have control over their web services. Disaster recovery and business continuity seem to be non existent. This is a fail. When I was designing parts of networks and systems we would always factor in disaster recovery. AWS looks good but it can also rack up to be very very expensive indeed.

    What is even more worrying is that Amazon AWS S3 is seen as being too big to fail, therefore my business won’t have any problems because it is with Amazon. This episode shows that Amazon along with anything or anyone is not too big to fail. No one thing, person, business or infrastructure is not immune to failure. Simple.

    This is one of the biggest IT failures I have ever seen and I have seen more than a few in my time in the technology industry. Some small but I have also seen some spectacular failures.  IT outages and system failures happen every hour of every day of every week of every year. IT specialists are trained to handle and repair these or even prevent these outages from happening by carrying out preventative maintenance. These things happen and should be prevented where possible.

    Amazon will surely take quite a hit on this. I can imagine certain CTO’s are sitting at their desks now and reviewing their relationships with Amazon and other similar providers to ensure they don’t get hit by something like this either again if they have been hot this time or for that matter anytime in the future.

    One thing is for sure this story will not go away for a while and its impact will be felt in very varying degrees by so many including users who will be unhappy about being unable to access essential web sites and apps. Amazon clearly need to look at a redesign or upgrade.

    I would also like to assure Virtual Office users that they are unaffected by this as I do not use AWS preferring my trusty HP Servers and infrastructure.

    Recap: The Technology Special

    The P2 List Technology Special Edition features a large number of business opportunities that I have available in the Scientific, Technology,  Engineering and Manufacturing sectors. Please see below to get your free copy.

    Continue reading

    Introducing Anona

    I have just finished a small business restructuring for Anona Technology who are specialist distributors of Nano Technology and Far Infrared products to the following sectors:
    • Janitorial Industry
    • Automotive Industry
    • Building Construction Industry
    • Special Coating Industry
    • Indoor Air Quality/HVAC Consultants
    • Facility safety
    • Marine Industry
    • Transportation Industry
    • Agriculture related industries
    • Pollution control
    • Property owner and management organization
    • Commercial & Real Estate Industry
    • Building Restoration Industry
    • Manufacturing Factories
    • Health product and service industries
    Their website is here, please do take the time to have a look their range of new products is rather special.

    Security is a wonderful thing! Please let me burgle your house!

    Adobe, a very large and successful computer software company had their systems hacked most recently. Nothing new in that companies get hacked every day. There are even occasions when they try and hack me. On this occasion information on over 150 million users was stolen and some of it posted online! According to the BBC however it seems individuals will not wake up and smell the coffee. According to this article so many of the passwords were so weak. Lets break this down. These were the top 20 passwords:

    Top 20 passwords

    • 123456
    • 123456789
    • password
    • adobe123
    • 12345678
    • qwerty
    • 1234567
    • 111111
    • photoshop
    • 123123
    • 1234567890
    • 000000
    • abc123
    • 1234
    • adobe1
    • macromedia
    • azerty
    • iloveyou
    • aaaaaa
    • 654321

    I’m sorry this is like walking around town with “Mug Me” tattooed to your forehead and fifty pound notes hanging openly out of your wallet. You might as well leave the front door and all the windows of your house open and invite the burglars in! How would you feel if these hackers emptied your bank account? In this day and age the security of personal information is as important as personal security and home security. Using passwords such as the ones above is a silly silly thing to do and only puts you at further risk. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.The other thing here is that most people will reuse the same email address and password for different networks such as banking, Facebook, Twitter and much much more. For the avoidance of doubt as a seasoned IT Professional I recommend using passwords of between 10 and 18 characters that includes special characters such as !, *, &, – or #, capital letters and numbers. For the avoidance of further doubt Adobe have themselves to blame for this attack as well. It would seem that they haven’t been too security conscious either. I mentioned above that the hackers try and have a pop at me occasionally. What do they get away with? Nothing, Zilch, Nada, Zero. Why? Because I take my own advice and make sure the shop is secure! If you are using silly passwords please, please please; wake up and smell the coffee.