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18 Years of WordPress

A few days ago WordPress passed its 18th birthday. This truly is one to mark. I doubt 18 years ago that anyone thought that it would become what it has. The recognised leader amongst CMS systems capturing 40-41% of the market.

Of course I knew about WordPress 18 years ago but dismissed it in favour of Mambo (Later Joomla). When I first came to WordPress in 2009 for a particular task, Mambo had gone and Joomla was on its tail but cracks were starting appear. in 2011 Joomla had problems, big ones. At this point and about version 2.6 WordPress became my go to tool. Replacing Joomla. I only did one site in Joomla after 2011. I have been involved in a large number of WordPress sites since 2011. 10 years ago. This site will reach its 9th WordPress birthday in 15 days time. I will write further about that nearer the time.

We are now on version 5.72 of the WordPress software which is a far cry from 2.6! I am very grateful to the WordPress development team for the time they put in but also to the teams of plugins developers and to the WordPress community too, who are always happy to provide support in internet forums, their wisdom and sage advice which I always greatly appreciate has helped me a lot.

From a simple blogging tool to a system that can accommodate pretty much any flavour of website any would care to dream about is an impressive feat. There are only 2 or 3 cases I can come up with where I would not choose WordPress as the core tool or presentation layer.

I look forward to seeing what the next 18 years of WordPress brings and hope that WordPress builds on its current foundations and becomes even better. There is absolutely no reason why it should not.

Easter 2021 Updates

Despite retirement it has been a very busy quarter. This website has gained 46,498 visits to date with visitors spending an average of 32 minutes every hour on the site.

I am taking even more action against Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Trust as more stuff comes to light. Of course I will update you all.

Retirement is going well and I am not missing the business as much as I thought I would. Plans to relocate abroad are currently on hold, changes to Spanish legislation especially are causing issues and I might have to give the southern Spanish sunshine a swerve. France is still looking attractive, though. The hunt for a UK bolthole is going slowly and I am still smarting from missing out on a Grand Banks yacht last month! The sleeping situation is getting worse and I am falling over more often too. I am considering swapping the mobility scooter for a wheelchair.

The learning of Python is going ok. Various things going on in March has meant that there has not been as much time as I would like to devote to this. I have however managed to knock a few bugs out of some of my code. As mentioned in other blogs I have invested in Raspberry Pi’s and these are great tools. Some more may be ordered soon! My new media centre is just excellent. With various streaming tools, a good music and media player and some fine retro game emulators it is truly a fun thing to have. I am not a fan of modern gaming systems for example Xbox or the latest PlayStation or their games but I do have a fondness for the old school stuff and I am quickly relearning my Sega Megadrive skills from the early 90’s. My thanks must go to Recallbox for their excellent Raspberry Pi image.

The club is growing slowly but nicely and could do with new members but I am pleased with growth. I have expanded and uplifted the “Brucie bonus” section to allow members to earn money and do business from various initiatives. This includes document sharing and video conferencing. The Brucie Bonus Update is here along with the opportunity to earn some referral fees. I remind everyone that access to The Club is free.

I am still enjoying blogging regularly and enjoying the uplift in traffic that this brings. There has been an uplift in the number of pure play blogs posted in the last quarter.

Here are the most popular blogs from Q1:

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  3. £10 Million To Sleep With Me and Boris Johnson If You Are Up For It – https://courtguinness.com/10-million-to-sleep-with-me-and-boris-johnson-if-you-are-up-for-it/
  4. Inflatable Roof Racks! You Must Be Joking! – https://courtguinness.com/inflatable-roof-racks-you-must-be-joking/
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The Linkgate saga continues. I lifted the Irish IP address bans and they simply returned! Blocks will be put back in place. As always I apologise to Irish visitors who are not involved but are nonetheless blocked. I am enjoying expanding my networks on other social media channels and Linkgate has driven more traffic here.

I have started booking for events for Q3 onwards and should be available for 1-2-1’s soon. I will update on international travel as soon as the relevant governments sort their s**t out. One trip to Ireland is long overdue as is a trip to mainland Europe. I am hoping for end Q3/early Q4 for both of these. Do keep an eye on this website for updates.

Lastly the giggle of the month must go to some people doing some work here who were questioned about an incident and gave a totally different version of events to the truth! Thing is the incident was captured on my CCTV so was their giving of their version of events! Muppets! I have taken further action against the firm and individuals involved.

That’s all for now!

Thank you for reading

Best regards


Update 06/03/2021

So what’s been happening since the last update?

Well, I have been sleeping a lot more and that’s down to this.

I have had to expend a lot of time on Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Trust and their various mistakes in the past few weeks. I note that the NHS staff are complaining about a 1% pay rise. This lot need a pay cut until they can sort themselves out. I have evidence of a number of mistakes and issues and have evidence of them breaching GDPR, an incorrect Subject Access Request notice with lots of missing information and lots of incorrect information. I may post my latest response to their CEO for you all to enjoy.

As usual, this website has had tweaks to make it brighter and easier to navigate.

I am enjoying learning python but some of my efforts are still a little too buggy to display to the world and will not be ported to courtguinness.com for the time being.

Retirement is going well and I am not missing the business as much as I thought I would. Learning python is using up some time and keeping me active from my sofa. My attempts at getting the Telegraph crossword down to 7 minutes are going woefully badly!

The club is growing slowly but nicely and could do with new members but I am pleased with growth. I am also going to expand and uplift the “Brucie bonus” section to allow members to earn money and do business from various initiatives. This should be in place in the next week or so.

I am still looking for a bolthole and complete relocation has not been ruled out. Neither has international relocation or a bolthole abroad. Spain and France are under consideration for relocation and Northern France for a bolthole. I narrowly missed out on a lovely classic Grand Banks 32 motor yacht recently which would have made a fantastic floating bolthole.  I remember these boats well from way back when working in the marine trade. I would love to find another good one in budget in timescale!

I have also decided to try and find a good classic Mini Cooper for use as a regular driver and classic/restomod project. I have some fantastic plans that involve a heated windscreen, some engine mods, electric windows and Satnav! See here for info.

I am enjoying blogging regularly and enjoying the uplift in traffic that this brings. I have blogged most recently about the right kit for excessive travel. An alleged mid-life crisis. Yes I am still on the lookout for a good crocodile skin Filofax cover! I have also blogged about lingerie and mobile phones. I will be blogging more about previous projects soon so keep an eye on the front page.

On a technical note, I got my wallet out last week and some shiny Lenovo kit has arrived to replace some Windows tablets which have all died with the same fault. A USB charging point attached to the main screen. The onboard USB works its way free from the motherboard far to easily on these devices and is then rendered useless unless I want an uneconomic repair. Some more Raspberry Pi devices will be arriving shortly and I am considering a Raspberry Pi cluster. The two shelves behind my sofa or behind my head the way I lounge it are starting to look like a nano version of the machine rooms  I used to spend lots of time in when I was in the IT trade with 2 web servers, a monitor, a printer, 2 NAS devices and 2 raspberry pi’s along with charging docks sat there.

The Linkgate saga continues but at least it has got rid of my stalkers! I am enjoying expanding my networks on other social media channels and Linkgate has driven more traffic here.

All in all, things are going quite well. In a final note, I am in need of contacts with daily newspapers or prime tv programs or channels. If anyone can help then please do get in touch.

Next update in 2 to 3 weeks 🙂

Best regards


Tech Update 1 Feb 2021

So whats new in tech around here?

Well, Home Assistant has arrived on one of the webservers and is fairing well in its work as a  central control point for home devices. It is working well with Google Home and all my other devices. Well all apart from Alexa. To be fair the only thing Alexa seems to be used for at the moment is translating “Boris Johnson carrot one hundred” into Welsh!

The firm staples of Nextcloud, Netdata, WordPress, Matomo, FreshRss and Kanboard are working well on the dotcom server.

Courtfax1 has been extended and revamped with Airsonic, CouchPotato, Transmission and Searx – a build-it-yourself rival to Google. SuiteCrm and X2CRM have been mothballed in line with the closure of The Tradehouse.

Mattermost and Discourse are arriving shortly to improve communications. The new CCTV system arrives this coming week and will feed into courfax2. Courtfax2 will serve as the main comms, management and security platform for both properties when the new holiday home is acquired.

The number of Rasberry Pi on the network is multiplying with the welcome addition of a RetroPi for fun. I now have 27,000 games to get through from a number of classic platforms such as ZX Spectrum, Nintendo, Amstrad CPC, Amiga and Sega. These small single-board machines perform well and are fun to work with.

So I have multimedia, home security, communications, general management, gaming and a few other things all managed by a smart web interface.

The original courtfax collection of HTML and PHP scripts is still going strong and has had some python scripts added to it.

A Dell tablet running Windows has recently been chucked in the bin and my “office/studio” is now awash with only Lenovo kit. This will change as I will likely take delivery of a new Microsoft Surface shortly. I have a lot of time for Lenovo kit. It works well, performs well and is reliable. I wish I could say about Dell.



Let Us Talk Laverna….

Laverna, I hear you say? Sounds like a posh restaurant doesn’t it?

Fear not. I am not turning into the next Fay Maschler!  The Laverna I am talking about is a nifty self hosted note taking app. I have been searching for a self hosted alternative to the highly regarded and very long standing Evernote for some time now, and I came across Laverna this weekend.

I downloaded the app and gently added some security scripts from my repository to the code for reasons I will go into later. I then uploaded the files to my intranet and after a little faff regarding where I was going to store my self created content – read notes I was able to have a little play. My this works well and it is fast too. It is a lovely replacement for Evernote.

You see I want full control over all my data as much as possible and I want it highly secure too. If I can replace something like Dropbox, Salesforce, Hotmail, Evernote etc etc with something on my own very highly protected servers then I will 🙂 Simples. Hence adding some scripts in to protect my data and track usage. No Russian hackers here!

I have been able to Laverna in anger today taking meeting notes and it was a joy. All I need is an internet connection one click on my intranet homepage and I am in. The slick design works well with my Intranet template and integrates nicely. I like self hosted apps that can integrate into the style and branding of my intranet because if any one sees the apps they look exceedingly professional and that is one image I do want to portray.

So far so good. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the developers for creating this app and also to congratulate them on a job well done.

Here is a screenshot of Laverna integrated into my intranet.

This app gets five stars from me.