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Brucie Bonuses Available 09/05/2020

I have the following opportunities available on behalf of friends that carry “brucie bonuses”*.

  1. Finance and Mortgage Broker Required who can deal with a complex requirement.
  2. Franchisee Advertising and Recruitment. Wanted is someone who can succesfully advertise for and recruit franchisees for a professional services franchise
  3. HMO’s in the North East of England required.
  4. A good friend requires, holiday comples/Gite complexes in the UK, Ireland and Mainland Europe.

If you can help with any of these please do to contact me using the form below.

  • *Brucie Bonus – A brucie bonus is a fee paid for a referral leading to a successful outcome in the case of the above the people that these are advertised for will discuss the bonus level with anyone concerned.