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So Working From A Pub Is A New Thing, Yeah?

So pub companies are now “bigging up” working from the pub like this is something new! Absolute crap! Speaking as someone who done this occasionally since the mid-90’s let me tell you all that this is nothing new. You walk into a pub, order a beer, grab a table, sit down and pull the laptop out and crack on. As I just said nothing new. I have probably been doing this 20-30 times a year since the mid 1990’s.

Fear not people, you are not missing out on much, except of course a good pint of Guinness, Shipyard or Doombar (other drinks are available and I am reliably informed that some pubs sell a drain cleaner called Bud Light!). A beer can help with a badly drafted document you have been handed or help with the latest tripe from that depressing git Jenkins from HR.

I am not the only the one. True more people have used this method out of necessity as opposed to choosing to work from a pub, for example being between meetings and needing somewhere warm and dry to check emails when the local Costa or Starbucks is maxed out and doubling as a creche.

What is changing or so it seems is that pubs are wising up to people using their establishments for work and are adjusting their pubs for this purpose. For example more power sockets available. Some are even fixing or upgrading the usually rather poxy wi-fi. In most pubs the wi-fi is rather poor and beyond hope if you are needing to check in or check out a bulky document with SharePoint or similar. You are usually better off tethering the laptop to the mobile phone in most cases, so it is nice to see pubs addressing this. The same goes for bulky email attachments or large downloads.

Some pubs are even doing “deals” which includes power, drink and food. This is an excellent move in my opinion. I think in some pubs it will drive new customers in. Nothing wrong with that.

My real bugbear and the only one is publicans that are telling me that this is a new thing! Like I said at the start I have been doing this since the mid-1990’s! It is not new. It may gain in popularity with the pandemic induced shift to remote working but new it is not!

That said there are some pubs who I hope can make a success of this to boost their daytime trade. These pubs are in desperate need of the uptick in business since the pandemic started and could really do with the new trade.