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Introducing Mike

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce my friend Mike Jones. Mike is an old friend and webmaster with bags of experience who will be helping me keep this site and a few other web-based things such as my Nextcloud instance up and running and in order from now on.

Mike and I have been friends for more years than I care to remember. I will be be creating the content for this site mainly by using a dictation to text tool but he will do most of the uploading and site care and maintenance.

This step in keeping this site live is necessary owing to continued failing of my health.

Mike can be contacted by using the contact form below.

    Nextcloud Does It Again May 2021

    It is no secret that I have been a massive fan of Nextcloud since the day it landed.

    All of my businesses have had an intranet based on Nextcloud since it came out. It has become a “default deployment”. A very good deployment and time saving deployment too. On the whole users have loved it too.

    Here is where it gets interesting. It is interesting watching the way they work. incremental update, incremental update, a major update with some nice new value-enhancing toys to play with and then BAM! Something totally fantastic to really knock that ball right out of the park!

    First there was Talk, integrated video conferencing, then integrated office and now this great announcement about Open Project integration! This is all seriously good stuff that is continually making a great product even greater.

    The integration is basic so far but the signs are good and the possibilities are endless and amazing.

    As I am now retired I no longer need the great project management tooling offered by Open Project indeed my own Nextcloud cloud has become a very personal instance with the Radio component and the music component amongst others installed and quite a few of the more business oriented components removed. However I think I might just install open project on one of my servers and integrate it into Nextcloud just for kicks 🙂

    It it always good to see what the team at Nextcloud come up with and I cannot wait for the next announcement!

    So well done to Nextcloud and well done to Open Project too. Again I am a fan of Open Project, admittedly I am not as big a fan of Open Project as I am of Nextcloud but I do like and appreciate the project and have been a heavy user of it but I am pleased to see the two products come together. This is good for both products in my opinion and I so look forward to the integration developing further. So my thanks, best wishes and good luck go to both organisations.

    Whats New In The Clouds, Simba?

    Many readers will be well aware or my love of hosting my own alternatives to popular software such as Whatsapp, Gmail, Dropbox and many, many more. There has not been a self hosting update here for quite some time until now.

    So what has been happening and what is new?

    Nextcloud continues to go from strength and I have now have a dedicated server for my instance. As a replacement for Dropbox amongst other things it really does deserve more praise than it gets. My instance has been maxed out in the plugin department and is all the better for it! Collabora brings online document editing and the Talk Application is fast replacing Skype for me.

    Draw.io. Now This was an absolute find! A completely online version of Microsoft Visio. Mine also integrates with Nextcloud above. If you need to do system diagrams or process diagrams often then this is worth a shot.

    Wekan, has become my go-to for Kanban style project management software. This software still has further to go and so much more potentially to give. I have almost given up trying to find an online replacement for Microsoft Project that is not prone to problems.

    Replacing Slack and others has come in two forms. Discourse and Mattermost both of which have many pro’s and many con’s. They work well the way have them configured and I prefer Mattermost for talking to both readers and advertisers of The Trade House Magazine alike.

    Codiad is an excellent tool that takes care of development and allows me to develop “on the hoof”.

    Odds and Ends.

    I have found an excellent HTML emulator for the Original Nintendo console on GitHub and got it working. Its nice to be able to have a bit of fun with self hosting from time to time.

    CourtFax. What? Yes I have also developed my own system for tying together a number of scripts that to various little jobs such as PGP and bringing them under one roof. I even tried to emulate the similar sounding and long lost CeeFax in the header logo.


    So that is the latest on my self hosting endeavours. As always I am grateful to this Github project for providing me with new stuff to try on a regular basis.

    Nextcloud One Year On – A Review

    Under the orange news banner in the screenshot above it says “The best gets even better, Nextcloud 13 is out” I cannot argue with either point. Nextcloud 13 is out and I have using it for a few weeks now. “The best gets even better” I certainly cannot argue with that either. In my own opinion Nextcloud is zooming ahead of its peers such as Pydio and Owncloud – the project it split from in 2016. I have been using Nextcloud solidly for just over a year and it replaced Owncloud. nextcloud is so much better than its competitors in my opinion.  I still have to use an Owncloud instance as it used by a project I am involved in to store documentation and I need to access these documents a few times a month. The difference is noticeable and palpable, Owncloud feels slower and clunkier and less “friendly” to me. I wish this project would migrate to Nextcloud. Even though it is missing some features that all users would love the new Nextcloud Talk Android app is excellent too.

    Let me tell you a story. In Mid February I was involved in a very serious incident and spent quite some time in hospital. I had my Ipad with me and was able to keep on top of things using Nextcloud, sharing documents editing documents, checking email, talking to people, even listening to my favourite radio station and much more. I was even able to start planning for and taking action an enforced early retirement thanks to Nextcloud. If it wasn’t for Nextcloud I would have had an absolute nightmare  of a mess to deal with once I left hospital and would probably still be dealing with it now.  Even in hospital with a slightly dodgy internet connection I managed to upgrade to Version 13 and I have to say I love it!

    To say “The best gets even better” is a very bold claim to make. However in Nextcloud’s case it is very much justifiable and the team behind Nextcloud can definitely justify making that claim. If anyone were to ask me I would certainly defend Nextcloud’s right to make that claim.

    So well done Nextcloud! Regular readers will know that praise is either hard or impossible to come by on this blog but the product and the team deserve it. I can’t wait for Nextcloud 14!


    Easter 2018 : Personal Cloud Special Offers

    Any new customers signing up to Personal Cloud from 01 – 10 April 2018 will get the following for only £1.95 per month when they sign up to a 12 month contract!

    • 12 GB Storage
    • Nextcloud  – Personal Cloud
    • Rainloop email integration
    • Akaunting finance software
    • Ampache Personal Media

    The normal price for this package is £4.80 per month!

    This is a a perfect bundle for the sole trader or individual to take advantage of in order to keep their business on track and their business affairs and record keeping in excellent order. For the busy individual this allows you to keep your life in order and enjoy your media collection whenever, where ever you are safe in the knowledge tat all your personal data and information is perfectly safe and secure.

    Please use the form below to contact me for further information about this deal.

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