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12 Years In The Mobile Phone Trade

Early in 2004,  My Naytencourt business bought an online mobile phone business called Ewell Mobile along with some other businesses. It sold all the latest mobile phones and accessories and built a good name itself. Pre large scale social media it did a lot of business on Ecademy which was an early but excellent business networking website and far better than Facebook or Linkedin ever have been for business.

via Naytencourt I sold this and bought themobilefonenetwork in late 2004. This would be my mobile phone brand until 2016. At this time we had some of the best years of the mobile phone trade. Customers were really happy to want the latest handsets and we still 12 month contracts with free handsets. Manufacturers couldn’t bring out new handsets with new features fast enough. We also had fantastic deals with cashback and free gifts such as laptops, games consoles and mp3 players. The networks were all gagging for business and “pulling a switcheroo” often yielded better things than it does now, though even today you should still look around at every renewal.

The only thing we couldn’t beat were T-mobile to T-mobile upgrades where the best thing to do was go direct. My advice to customers on T-mobile was to make sure you found a female member of staff and gently flirt with her!  – it worked more often than not and many prospective customers I told this to became customers on other networks when T-mobile got wise and made moves to stop this working.

The market started slowing up in 2008 because of the credit crunch and this hit approvals for new contracts but things would get really bad in November and December 2009. You see we were still giving away these magnificent gifts, many of which children wanted to see awaiting their possession under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning 2009. With these gifts costing hundreds of pounds, lots of cash-strapped parents were trying to sign up for mobile phone contracts to get the gifts to give their kids as Christmas presents. They were getting rejected by the credit reference agencies. In November and December 2009 combined I had over 2,100 applications for mobile phone contracts rejected. Bearing in mind the commission from the operators for each sale varied from between £3 and £50 this is a lot of money! The number of approvals was only in double figures and not very high at all.

In a way, this was the beginning of a long end. The Apple iPhone had just arrived as had the Samsung Galaxy. We would start to see the demise of some manufacturers. Motorola wasn’t really there but would revive in a few years. The Nokia decline had started and was in full flow. Blackberry were on the way out too. The long-running social debate of Apple versus Android had started and this will never stop. My views on this will change either! There is a place in every home for an Apple device. It is called the bin!

Commissions were getting lower. 18 month contracts were standard and 2 year contracts were optional. Free gifts were almost dead as was cashback. Around 2013 the way of charging for mobile phones changed and it effectively became two things. A bill for the mobile phone usage – (calls and data) and a finance agreement for the phone handset. This would yield some extra profit for the networks and I was once told a story by a finance guy that there were certain tax advantages for the networks of doing the bills this way. I am not sure how true this story is.

Anyway combined with this were the rising costs of running the business so in early 2016 I sold my mobile phone business. I enjoyed my time in the trade. I was both happy and proud to be a part of the industry and share in some of its best years.

26/06/2020 Thieving Three and Fraudulent CRS Limited Update

The thieving, lying, fraudulent Three and the fraudulent CRS Recovery Services Limited situation keeps on giving with abundance.

See the screenshot below from CRS.

They claim I owe Three UK money when I do not. As for the Samsung Phone this is a contract I did not agree to.

Sorry CRS Recovery Services.


The standard fee for wasting my time is now £9,000 per hour as far as you and Three UK are concerned.

You have been harrasing me and demanding money illegally because like your client Three UK you are a thieving and fraudulent organisation.


If you don’t like that then sure me. YOU AND THREE UK ARE LIARS FRAUDS AND THIEVES I look forward to the day in court.

I will be invoicing for the waste of my time and my costs. I will add the invoice to Three UK to hour bill and assign it to a debt collector. The invoice will be addressed personally to a director of the company personally AT HOME as is my procedure for such things.

Its funny how Three UK have decided not to take legal action against me, probably because everything I say on these pages is true!

For those of you new to the Thieving Three and CRS situation you can click on the lovely link below to read all about the lying, the fraud, the thieving and more! It is probably a good idea to read all of the links to get the proper appreciation for the situation.


The P2 Set Exits The Mobile Phone Business

The P2 Set announce their departure from the mobile phone industry with the disposal of “The Mobile Fone Network”. This brings to an end an enjoyable  11 year association with the industry and is in line with the businesses aims to simplify and streamline its interests.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a superb tablet PC that combines the familiar smartphone experience with more advanced features. Android OS v2.2 is onboard to offer features such as Google Search, YouTube and GPS navigation with Google Maps along with the flexibility to download new apps from the Android Marketplace.
Features that catch the eye include Social Network integration, the new Swype text input system that allows words to be created with the simple sliding of a finger over the 7 inch screen and the Thinkfree Office Suite for management of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files. There is also a Music/Media Hub pre-loaded that offers full HD video playback in glorious stereo and a TV-out port for a cinematic experience on the large screen.
The optical experience is further enhanced with a 3.15 megapixel camera for capturing images and a secondary 1.3 megapixel camera for video calling. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is in a league of its own and is perfectly balanced to offer high-end functionality in a visually amazing and interactive way.
For more information on great deals, please click here.

Nokia N8 is now in stock

It was due to arrive this Friday but the silver version of the new Nokia N8 is now physically in stock with the CPW group, which includes Onestopphoneshop and e2save. The black Nokia N8 is also due sometime this week.
The 12 megapixel camera records 720p video and professional optics from Carl Zeiss combine with a xenon flash, face recognition and geo-tagging to bring possibly the best camera and video package available. The multimedia story doesn’t end here though, with thoughtful inclusion like an HDMI interface for TV or projector connectivity for compatibility with home cinema systems.
The Nokia N8 has a 3.5 inch OLED capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 640×360 pixels. Your own widgets can be added to the three customisable home screens which can be accessed with a simple finer swipe. The home screen shows live updates from social networking sites and there’s a dedicated widget for Facebook and Twitter, bringing them into one application.
Please click here for more information.

Great PAYG Deals

Dialaphone have some amazing PAYG offers in their sale. But be quick they’re selling out fast.
Phones start from just £1.99 and everything comes with free delivery. Pick up a PAYG bargain now, either for yourself or to put away as a Christmas present.
Here are some of the highlights.
Samsung E1120 was £9.95 now £1.99
LG GW520 White was £89.95 now £44.95
LG KS360 Pink was £49.95 now £19.95
Samsung Genio S3650 was £69.95 now £39.95
Samsung S3650 Genio Red was £69.95 now £34.95
Samsung S5200 was £79.95 now £44.95
Samsung Tocco F480 was £119.95 now £59.95
Sony Ericsson W395 was £49.95 now £24.95
For more info click here

Free iphone 4!

The iPhone 4 16GB is now available to buy online from 3 and it’s free on a 24 month contract.
Available on The One Plan you get 2000 minutes per month, 5000 texts, 1GB internet and an extra 5000 minutes per month to call other phones on 3.
It’s a huge package – virtually unlimited for most people. To exceed your allowance you would need to send a text message every six minutes and talk on your iPhone 4 for almost four hours per day, that’s between emailing, browsing the web and using the thousands of apps available.
Line rental is £45 per month and there’s nothing to pay upfront.
For more info click here

HTC Wildfire now in red on 3 Mobile

HTC’s Wildfire is now available on 3 in an exclusive red colour. For just £20 per month you get 500 minutes, unlimited texts, 500MB data and all the benefits of being with 3 such as free Skype-to-Skype calls.
The HTC Wildfire is essentially a mini HTC Desire – our most popular phone. Just 13mm shorter than the Desire and with a lower resolution screen (240×320), the Wildfire should offer outstanding value for money. It runs on Android 2.1 and it has the flexibility to download new apps, access the Internet with speed (via HSDPA) and enjoy your favourite media wherever you go. The optical trackpad and HTC Sense UI offer a great user experience and the 3.2 inch capacitive touchscreen can be used in landscape or portrait mode.
The 5 megapixel camera takes excellent pictures, it has auto-focus, smile detection and an LED flash. Internal memory can be expanded up to 32GB with a microSD card. Staying connected with your contacts has never been easier with the Wildfire. Texts, emails and instant messages can all be displayed in a chat-like, continuous view. The Wildfire will also stream wall updates from Facebook, Flickr and Twitter to ensure you stay up to date with the gossip wherever you may go.
A new feature for the Wildfire is the ability to rate and share downloaded apps with your contacts, which is a great idea. Built-in applications include Google Search, YouTube, Picasa, Gmail, Gtalk and Google Maps. A variety of connectivity options comprise of quad-band roaming for use overseas, Wi-Fi for hotspot locations and GPS for guided navigation. The HTC Wildfire is a compact (107 x 60 x 12mm) user friendly smartphone that will continue to evolve as new applications are released.
See here for more information

Virgin Mobile’s new £8.50 SIM only deal

Virgin Mobile have a new SIM only deal on a 30 day rolling contract. For just £8.50 per month new customers get 100 minutes and unlimited texts with no long-term commitment.
If you already have a mobile phone that you’re happy with then make the most of a superb value SIM only deal. Put your SIM card into your current mobile and you’re ready to start talking and texting (if your mobile is from another network it may need to be unlocked).
There are some great value tariffs with SIM only and with 30 days contracts there’s no commitment. If you spot a better offer or decide to take a new contract deal with a free phone at a later date then you’re free to switch by giving just 30 days notice.
See here for more info

Nokia C6

The new Nokia C6 is out now on T-Mobile and it comes with up to £240 cash back on an 18 month contract.
With a 4 row QWERTY keyboard and a 3.2 inch, HD touchscreen display the Nokia C6 brings social networking to the palm of your hand. The homescreen can be customised with your favourite applications and can display emails, messages and Facebook updates from your top contacts.
All the email accounts you could ask for are supported such as Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and Gmail. The C6 can store up to 10 different email accounts and let you simply flick between them. Access to the Ovi store gives a huge choice of applications for the handset including Instant messaging clients like Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and Windows Live Messenger.