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Projects At The Club

The Club which is my private network has a new area for discussing projects and joint ventures.

This area can be used for discussing projects and joint ventures, creating projects and joint ventures, sourcing projects and joint ventures and promoting projects and joint ventures in a close and secure environment.

Members can access this new area automatically and readers who wish to join can subscribe here

Joint Venture Business Opportunities : Trade House : December 2020

Please see below for a list of joint venture business opportunities from The Trade House Magazine.  There is a form below a copy of The Trade House Magazine if you have any queries about any of the business opportunities listed.


Listing Id: 183

Name: Order Fulfilment Houses Required

Asking: £10,000.00

Location: All

Sector: Joint Ventures

Text: Our clients require small order fulfilment houses to
work with us and our joint venture partners to store,
pick, package and ship products to customers.
Excellent terms and conditions are available to the right
businesses that can assist us. We currently have 3
opportunities with leading clients and their joint venture
partners with more in the pipeline over the next 12-18


Listing Id: 186

Name: Warehouse Space

Location: South East

Sector: Joint Ventures

Text: Partners required with Warehouse space in South East
England wanted for new venture. Surrey and Sussex


Listing Id: 1628

Name: East London Development Opportunity

Location: London

Sector: Joint Ventures

Text: Morning everyone,

I have an amazing JV opportunity for an innovative
modern living project converting a building in East
London into serviced accommodations.
A contact is mine is looking for a JV partner to
contribute up to 1M for this re-development in
exchange for a 33% share. 2M have already been
The GDV is 15M and has been valued by BNP Paribas.
Contact me for more info


Listing Id: 4114

Name: New computer company seeking partners

Location: Midlands

Sector: Joint Ventures

Text: New computer hardware company based in the West
Midlands seeks dealers and joint venture partners.


Listing Id: 6654

Name: Self Employed Benefit Service seeking partners

Location: Midlands

Sector: Joint Ventures

Text: Offer for the freelance community including insurances,
helplines and discounts seeks joint venture partners to
extend client side offer.



The Trade House Magazine

Contact Form

    Here Is How Over £138,000,000 Worth Of Deals Is Crammed Into One Magazine

    The chart below details the different business sectors that are represented in the July issue of The Trade House Magazine,

    Before we delve into the chart here are some high level statistics. The lowest value deal is valued at £100. The highest value deal is valued at £30,000,000. The average value of all the deals contained in the July edition is £1,270,954.

    Here is the full chart.

    Deal Sector  Total Value Number Of Deals  Average Deal Value
    Asset Sales  £ 3,185,000 4  £ 796,250
    Automotive  £ 200,000 1  £ 200,000
    Camping And Caravanning  £ 365,000 1  £ 365,000
    Care Homes  £ 1,200,000 1  £ 1,200,000
    Commercial Property  £ 1,914,000 5  £ 382,800
    Data Centres  £ 3,000,000 1  £ 3,000,000
    General Deals  £ 200 1  £ 200
    Health and Care  £ 2,500,000 1  £ 2,500,000
    Hotels  £ 97,789,950 15  £ 6,519,330
    Industrial  £ 950,000 2  £ 475,000
    Intellectual Property  £ 200,000 1  £ 200,000
    Investment  £ !,000,000 1  £ 1,000,000
    Joint Ventures  £ 4,000 1  £ 4,000
    Leisure  £ 850,000 2  £ 425,000
    Lifestyle  £ 1,225,000 5  £ 245,000
    Marine  £ 975,000 1  £ 975,000
    Misc  £ 5,000,100 2  £ 2,500,050
    Night Clubs  £ 250,000 1  £ 250,000
    Petrol Station  £ 295,000 1  £ 295,000
    Professional  £ 135,000 1  £ 135,000
    Projects  £ 118,000 2  £ 59,000
    Property  £ 13,600,000 10  £ 1,360,000
    Pubs  £ 1,724,750 10  £ 172,475
    Recruitment  £ 750,000 2  £ 375,000
    Restaurant  £ 474,995 6  £ 79,166
    Retail  £ 2,419,995 12  £ 201,666
    Technology  £ 8,942,000 9  £ 993,556
    Trades  £ 636,980 8  £ 79,623
    Transport  £ 20,000 1  £ 20,000
    Unusual  £ 24,000 1  £ 24,000
    Website  £ 49,995 4  £ 12,499
    Total  £ 143,617,765 113  £ 1,270,954


    You can have a look at the magazine below.

    The Weekly Deals Free Sheet 02/05/2018

    Firstly I would like to thank the 1813 recorded readers of the last public issue of The  Weekly Deals Free Sheet for reading. This is a record in terms of unique readership of Weekly Deals and I am pleased  to be consistently getting a readership of over 1,000 so early in 2018. There is a straight line average increase of 18.2 % in readership of every issue.

    I am delighted to continue  publishing The Weekly Deals Free Sheet in 2018 after our public break. This issue is even bigger and brighter than the last and includes an excerpt from a report I have written on the buyers of Lifestyle Businesses. This continues to set the tone for the plans I have for Weekly Deals for 2018. The number of business opportunities increases at around 10 % a week. This is another testament to the growing popularity of Weekly Deals.

    I am also delighted to announce that we have over £98,000,000 worth of business opportunities listed in this issue. There truly is a business opportunity inside for everyone.

    There have been some changes to the format and layout and these changes will continue throughout 2018. One addition is new editorial content.

    Below the interactive version is a content form you can use if you have any feedback about weekly Deals or want more information on the business opportunities in Weekly Deals.

    You can use this form to have weekly deals delivered to your inbox every week

    [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]

    You can download a PDF copy here (no sign up required) [download id=”45637″]

    Or you can see below for an interactive version.

    If you have any enquiries about Weekly Deal or any of the opportunities advertised please use the form below to contact me.

    DealNet Is Launched!!

    I am delighted to announce the launch of DealNet.

    DealNet from Court Guinness brings an on line, collaborative  and social route to doing business and deal making. This new initiative stems from a long awaited desire to bring an open and collaborative way to bring disparate partners together in order to facilitate the doing of business.

    There are some interesting deals available at the moment.

    DealNet is now open for business. You sign up using the box on the right hand side.

    I am delighted to be able to launch DealNet as the start of making a real effort into bringing disparate partners together to do business, create good and meaningful relationships and deals and collaborate together.

    I look forward to developing the DealNet platform in the coming months and improving on the good base that has been built to date, I also look forward to welcoming friends old and new to the platform.

    For any queries on the DealNet platform. Please use the form below to contact me.

    [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]

    The Investment Network

    Esgil are delighted to announce the launch of The Investment Network
    This is the site to visit if you are:

    • An Investor
    • A business looking for investors
    • Wanting to buy or sell a business
    • Intrested in private equity, Forex, property investment and much more
    • You are a non executive director or looking for one.