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Croydon Labour Party

About three months ago. I started getting a large volume of e-mails from the Labour Party candidate for Croydon. Don’t ask me how they got my details. I don’t live in the area and I hate the concrete hell hole that is croydon with a passion 🙂 Anyway they asked me to sign up for various things. Their mailing list software is very flakey. So I have been able to sign up using the same email address under the following names.

  • Ed Milliband is a C**T
  • Tony Blair F***s George Bush up the A***

And my favourite

  • Ed Balls is a gaylord

Since then I have been invited to:

  • Watch a labour candidate kiss a baby’s head
  • Visit a lesbian drop in centre to see the work of the local labour party
  • Numerous volunteer evenings
  • and The opening of an envelope!

This is to all of the names I have used. I think its pretty funny that a potential Labour MP writes to Ed Milliband is a C**t and invites him to a lesbian drop in centre! Its daft and its an absolute shambles! What does this say about the Labour party. Well it says a few things to me. 1. They don’t deserve to be in power because they talk complete crap to those that aren’t listeniong and 2. that they don’t deserve to win Croydon. If they don’t know who their constituents are and what their concerns are they cannot feasibly represent them. I do hope the tories win Croydon tonight. Here is a little picture from my mailing list antics!labour2