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Business Sought By Covid Displaced Couple

Business Sought By Covid Displaced Couple

Leasehold businesses in UK coastal locations sought by COVID displaced couple seeking a new venture. Please contact the office.

Ref: 6681

The couple in question are a lovely couple who are very close friends of mine who have been displaced by COVID-19 and are now forced to look to the next chapter in their lives. They are seeking leasehold businesses in the UK and Ireland to acquire that are based in coastal locations. They are currently based in Birmingham but can move anywhere.

They have a budget of up to £100,000 and are available to move very quickly.

I am providing advertising and the odd bit of advice in this instance and any enquiries can come to me in the first instance.

Court Guinness COVID 19 Policy

It is Court Guinness policy to pursue anyone infecting Court Guinness with Covid-19 or incurring Court Guinness isolation via precautionary measures for all and all losses incurred.

Court Guinness will require co-operation and will enforce co-operation via the courts where necessary of any third party involved.

Any parties will be liable for all costs involved.

Court Guinness reserves all rights in these matters.

Effective date of policy 01/09/2020

The DeLorean is in the car park!

We started planning for our return from the dark abyss that was the COVID-19 world once another government adviser was caught doing the wrong thing on Friday. We jumped in the Delorean and turned the flux capacitor up to 12!

In 30 minutes time at 09:00 UK time all Trade House lines of business will be back in working order*

Court and The Trade House would like to take this opportunity to welcome customers old and new to our fold. We have brought back our free breakfast offer to celebrate.

We are available for face-to-face project meetings, site meetings, trade events and networking events. We will be publishing a revised list of the events we are attending as soon as we can.

We have been contacted by some partners, suppliers and customers and would like to make clear the following. 1) The damage done by Covid to parts of the business must be repaired immediately. This is only done by full reopening. 2) Yes we are ignoring lockdown and social distancing and this is a non-reversable decision. 3) Unless you are a key partner ( you will have been told) we do not mind if you continue to practice lock down and social distancing, for the most part we will not** 4) Irish and French interests are another matter.

*The Trade Counter are having some issues especially with Chinese suppliers and trade routes, we hope that this will be rectified in due course. Court is already on the phone and email!

**Neither Court or The Trade House see why they should bother when 2 government advisers blatantly broke lockdown. One to go to Durham and the other to have extra marital sex. In addition the computer modeling that drove the decision to enforce lockdown and social distancing is a mess and does not work properly. This strengthens our first argument.

Announcing The Trade House Magazine. The COVID-19 BounceBack Special

Please click or see below for more information on the COVID-19 BounceBack Special Edition of The Trade House Magazine.

The BounceBack Special Edition of The Trade House Magazine is scheduled to be published on 28th May 2020.

The advertising deadline will be 25th May 2020. All advertising will be free and in addition all advertisers will be entitled to an advert on this website.

Free adverts are offered in text and A4 format. The COVID-19 BounceBack edition is open and currently scoped for 200 pages.

After 6 days of publishing the May 2020 edition of The Trade House Magazine has reached over 12,000 readers and the courtguinness.com website gains over 11,000 visitors a month.

This represents an excellent opportunity for the small business B2B sector to get back to business.

There will be very little content in the COVID-19 BounceBack apart from Market Comment.

Completely Free Advertising is available to all businesses subject to our guidelines.

If you have any queries about free advertising or the COVID-19 BounceBack edition of The Trade House Magazine, then please use the form below to contact me. An interactive version of the latest edition of The Trade House Magazine and a copy of the Fact Pack is below the contact form.