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Email Changes

As part of the migration away from Courtguinness.com the email address for Court Guinness is changing. If you require the new email address you should request this by using the form below.

    The courtg9000 Plan

    Many readers have asked about the site at courtg9000.wordpress.com and what the plans are.

    The plan at the moment is that courtg9000 will be a regularly updated mirror of this site. This however might change and in that case courtg9000 will become the primary site.

    I will be keeping all readers regularly updated. The courtg9000 site is still a bit of a building site so be warned. I shall be changing this in the coming weeks.

    Best regards


    The Weekly Deals Free Sheet Issue

    It is with regret that I announce that there will be no issue of The Weekly Deals Free Sheet For tomorrow 08/05/2018. This is to allow some elements of the magazine to be reconfigured in the light of The Weekly Deals Free Sheet being amalgamated into The Trade House. These actions will allow for a much better reader experience.

    The next issue will be available on Tuesday 15th May at 14:00. The advertising deadline is 11/05/2018 at 18:00

    In the meantime you can join 1841 unique readers by downloading an issue here: [download id=”45637″]

    Or you can view an interactive version below.