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Excessive Travel – The Right Gear

I was asked recently by a friend who will as soon as lockdown ends be starting a new job and doing a stupid amount of travelling for work about the right gear for stupid amounts of travelling. So based on 1,100 flights and over 3,000 nights in hotel rooms here are my answers in blog form.

Shirts: Tm Lewins are the business and for lots of travel try the thicker ones.

Jumpers. You need a jumper handy, especially if you need to turn a suit into casual in a rough part of town. Gannt Jumpers roll up nicely into cabin luggage!

Footwear – Dr Martens are business here. I prefer the black 9 hole boot as gives more support to the ankle. Perfect for long days on the move.

Jacket/Coat. You need a decent jacket or coat handy whatever the weather and whatever else you are wearing. For the winter Musto Offshore sailing Jackets are the business. These will keep you warm and toasty anywhere. Berghaus for spring and summer and a decent Trespass job for the summer that will fit in the luggage nicely are the top tips.

Luggage. Two answers here based on the fact that I sometimes need different configurations. For a 2 compartment carry on (cabin size) use Eastpak. For a single compartment carry on Samsonite is the only way to go. These are not cheap at around £100 a bag but they are worth it. One of my Samsonites is still going strong 15 years later! You can fit 7 days of clothes including 2 suits in these!

Briefcase/Backpack. Wenger it is baby! My briefcases used to get knocked about more often than a domestic violence victim! You need the laptop and the tools safe and Wenger kit lasts longer than others. I will say here that I have found the main industry leader, Targus to be crap. I would have to change these bags after about six months in the early days at about £50 a pop. I have 3 Wenger bags and carry the one that suits the most. The large backpack for when I need shed loads of kit. A traditional style laptop bag for the large laptop and a padfolio style bag for just me, the lightweight laptop and some paperwork. This bad boy has enough space in the main compartment for my paperwork, my tablet, my 11.6 inch slimline laptop and a few other bits. It has one side compartment that will take some chargers, a spare hard drive, USB sticks and my filofax!. It also has a side flap on the other side that will perfectly fit a copy of the Financial Times!

The trick is to be as light as possible. Try also to keep luggage on the opposite side to the hand you write with as this will make life easier opening doors, signing documents and answering phone calls on the move!

Let’s move on to some tech stuff and keep it brief! I have tons of tech blogs here! If you are going to be doing shed loads of travelling do try and get the lightest laptop you can get away with. I swear by a lightweight Lenovo with an 11.6 inch screen. If checking into Easyjet flights late at night at Prague Airport please be aware that the usual security scanning guy has a fetish for these laptops! No joke! For Android tablets, I go for Samsung. I would use a Samsung mobile phone if they were not stupidly expensive for a high-performance model. Motorola does it better and cheaper. Memory sticks and cards. I swear by Sandisk and my external hard drives are by Western Digital.

I was also asked about the good and bad in airlines and hotels. I have written blogs about this and could easily write a few hundred more. Bad airlines again lots of blogs either written or not! Start with British Airways for a poor airline and go from there. These guys have been kicked off my preferred supplier list twice and would have made it a third time over the recent data breach (which I was affected by) if I had not been banned from flying! I have said this before. Easyjet seems to be getting a lot of the key things that business travellers really want right these days.  Bad Hotels? There have been so many. I will however lambast a UK chain for been overtly crap. Travelodge! I simply cannot stand them. The rooms are generally cold, worn and unpleasant. As for the staff, I have my doubts that some of them know the definition of or can spell some of the longer words used in this blog. If I have racked up over 30 nights in a hotel it is generally good and if I have racked up over 100 nights in one hotel it is usually pretty good!

Some other top tips. Keep a load of sachets of instant Nescafe in your bag. The hotels are usually stingy with coffee and if like me you are not awake until your third coffee you will use the hotel allowance up and still be half asleep! The same goes for teabags if you drink that stuff! Also, Cuppa Soup works the same way. Great for a quick snack. Be warned though, customs staff at Geneva airport get very curious about these sachets, so be prepared to explain cuppa soup to them very, very slowly. If you pack right too you can fit catering packs of biscuits into the luggage bags mentioned above without them being broken in transit. Very good if you are stuck in some hell hole where the idea of haute cuisine is a dodgy kebab! I won’t name and shame certain northeast England hell holes that fit this bill in this blog!

Some hotels use restricted wifi, free for a certain time, after which you have to pay. Top tip here. Check the back of the telly! If it has an ethernet cable attached and many do, pull it out of the back of the telly and plug it into the laptop! This often works but speeds can be variable.

So here are some short and simple answers to the question. What are decent tools and tips for stupid amounts of European business travel?

12 Years In The Mobile Phone Trade

Early in 2004,  My Naytencourt business bought an online mobile phone business called Ewell Mobile along with some other businesses. It sold all the latest mobile phones and accessories and built a good name itself. Pre large scale social media it did a lot of business on Ecademy which was an early but excellent business networking website and far better than Facebook or Linkedin ever have been for business.

via Naytencourt I sold this and bought themobilefonenetwork in late 2004. This would be my mobile phone brand until 2016. At this time we had some of the best years of the mobile phone trade. Customers were really happy to want the latest handsets and we still 12 month contracts with free handsets. Manufacturers couldn’t bring out new handsets with new features fast enough. We also had fantastic deals with cashback and free gifts such as laptops, games consoles and mp3 players. The networks were all gagging for business and “pulling a switcheroo” often yielded better things than it does now, though even today you should still look around at every renewal.

The only thing we couldn’t beat were T-mobile to T-mobile upgrades where the best thing to do was go direct. My advice to customers on T-mobile was to make sure you found a female member of staff and gently flirt with her!  – it worked more often than not and many prospective customers I told this to became customers on other networks when T-mobile got wise and made moves to stop this working.

The market started slowing up in 2008 because of the credit crunch and this hit approvals for new contracts but things would get really bad in November and December 2009. You see we were still giving away these magnificent gifts, many of which children wanted to see awaiting their possession under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning 2009. With these gifts costing hundreds of pounds, lots of cash-strapped parents were trying to sign up for mobile phone contracts to get the gifts to give their kids as Christmas presents. They were getting rejected by the credit reference agencies. In November and December 2009 combined I had over 2,100 applications for mobile phone contracts rejected. Bearing in mind the commission from the operators for each sale varied from between £3 and £50 this is a lot of money! The number of approvals was only in double figures and not very high at all.

In a way, this was the beginning of a long end. The Apple iPhone had just arrived as had the Samsung Galaxy. We would start to see the demise of some manufacturers. Motorola wasn’t really there but would revive in a few years. The Nokia decline had started and was in full flow. Blackberry were on the way out too. The long-running social debate of Apple versus Android had started and this will never stop. My views on this will change either! There is a place in every home for an Apple device. It is called the bin!

Commissions were getting lower. 18 month contracts were standard and 2 year contracts were optional. Free gifts were almost dead as was cashback. Around 2013 the way of charging for mobile phones changed and it effectively became two things. A bill for the mobile phone usage – (calls and data) and a finance agreement for the phone handset. This would yield some extra profit for the networks and I was once told a story by a finance guy that there were certain tax advantages for the networks of doing the bills this way. I am not sure how true this story is.

Anyway combined with this were the rising costs of running the business so in early 2016 I sold my mobile phone business. I enjoyed my time in the trade. I was both happy and proud to be a part of the industry and share in some of its best years.

Aircraft For Sale December 2020

Please see below for a list of aircraft for sale and similar business opportunities from The Trade House Magazine. There is a form below a copy of The Trade House Magazine if you have any queries about any of the business opportunities listed.

Listing Id: 1720

Name: Embraer ERJ 190 Jet. No 1

Asking: £10,000,000.00

Location: Midlands

Sector: Aircraft

Text: 100 PAX regional passenger Jet for sale. 4,500 Km
range. All economy configuration. Asking £10,000,000


Listing Id: 1721

Name: Embraer ERJ 190 Jet. No 2

Asking: £10,000,000.00

Location: Midlands

Sector: Aircraft

Text: 100 PAX regional passenger Jet for sale. 4,500 Km
range. Premium (10 PAX) + Economy (90 PAX)
configuration. Asking £10,000,000. Ready to fly.


Listing Id:

Name: Airbus A320-200 2006

Asking: £25,000,000.00

Location: East England

Sector: Aircraft

Text: 210 seat configuration. 2 class layout. Fully Specified.
Well maintained. Lying UK.


Listing Id: 6563

Name: Gulfstream G200 Jet For Sale

Asking: £4,000,000.00

Location: Europe

Sector: Aircraft

Text: 2009 Gulfstream G200. 2150 hours. Pratt and Whitney
engines. Excellent Value. Very, very well equipped.
Lovely cabin. Seats 8.

The Trade House Magazine

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        23. There are a number of other significant updates to the website and its content,

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