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Iphone, Ipod, Ipad

We currently have requirements for Ipod, Iphone and Ipad applications to be developed and we are also looking for developers with applications that require marketing and portfolio owners who wish to sell.

Please contact us for further information.

Personal Cloud. Current Applications List February 2018

Please see below for a current list of applications and services available in my Personal Cloud Product for February 2018.






Easy Appointments

Firefly III

Prices for Personal Cloud start at £1.99 per month

For more information please use the form below to contact me.

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Virtual Office And Private Cloud Black Friday Offers!

I am delighted to be able to announce special deals for Black Friday 2017 for new Personal Cloud Customers and Virtual Office customers. Continue reading


Rainloop? What? Sounds like something from a 1990’s rave dosen’t it. Fear not, we are not returning to the 1990’s. The rainloop in question is a very good web based email client I have been using for the past few weeks.

Rainloop is a very fast, very secure and highly configurable web based email client. It is also highly secure. I deployed this 3 weeks ago mainly for testing purposes for my Virtual Office Product set. Thing is. It passed testing with such flying colours I removed the roundcube email client from my intranet! I offer Squirrel and Roundcube clients as part of thee product set and this Rainloop from my testing has a lighter footprint, faster load and also handle multiple domains on the same client. I am very, very impressed with this product as well. Security is excellent too. Configuration is an absolute doddle also.

The Rainloop team have done a fantastic job here and I must say I do look forward to commending this product most warmly to my clients. For those of you who use Owncloud or Nextcloud there is a lovely Rainloop integration available from the app repositories of both . This is an excellent bonus and another feather in Rainloop’s cap in my opinion. I have had some issues with email integration apps for Owncloud in the past and this works straight from the download only requiring the usual configuration data that any email client anywhere would need to be able to operate. The same goes for Nextcloud.

The final bonus is the documentation. Detailed, punchy to the point, not overbearing to read with high quality relevant information really easy to find 🙂

I am very pleased with Rainloop and I wish the team and the product continued success for the future.

It gets Five stars from me!

The Rainloop website is here

PS: Any Virtual Office customers interested in knowing more should raise a ticket.

Self Hosted Apps. Why Am I A Fan?

I have been running self apps for years, including some “bastardisations” of popular apps, especially WordPress and Joomla, mainly acting as corporate intranets. These can be a nice solution if you are in a hurry to deploy and intranet by the way.

Any way as is nearly usual for me for a Friday night. I was sat in my local pub enjoying a few pints of Abbott with some friends when the self hosted debate came up. We went through the usual cost discussion. I only spend £100 per year for all the apps can I can host and all the users I need to be on them instead of paying “freemium” subscriptions for services and not really getting the value.

We went through the effort and security arguments. There really is not that much effort on my part to keep this little lot up to date and my security is a lot better than some well known, especially email services I can name. There is also the flexibility angle here too.

If you care about your own security or suddenly feel the need to take security of information you hold, for example about staff. Self Hosted apps should be worthy of your consideration.

I will be writing more about self hosted apps soon, especially ones I use or have used in this section.

However here something I found earlier today that deserves to do really, really well.

Trigger Happy is a clone of IFTTT, which is a bridge app. I have had a play and I have to say I like Trigger Happy a lot. It needs more integrations within it as things stands today but I do look forward to seeing this app grow and develop. I will share more about my endeavours with Trigger Happy here when I can. If you want to automate Tasks on your telephone or tablet either Trigger Happy or IFTTT are worth a look 🙂

Blackberry Messenger on Android

So Blackberry Messenger has been available on the Android operating system through the Play Store for just over a week now. Over the weekend I have been paying attention to battery life on my tablet.I have noticed that my battery is not lasting a day I have noticed that BBM is draining the battery and causing some data leakage. The cause seems to be the “always on” feature. Even of you kill the task using a task killer it automatically comes back to life a few minutes later. I am going to remove it until they bring out a new version. This is a pity because it is actually a good app. If you notice the batteries on your Android device seem not to last as long as they should and you have BBM installed its quite possible that BBM maybe the culprit.

Top Android Apps

Following from my “What does the tech expert do?” post the other day. I thought I would post some insights into what I run on my indispensable Android Tablet. Firstly to make life easy I ditched the standard operating System and replaced it with CyanogenMod. Its great and much better than the stock Samsung Android operating system. Performance and battery life are both very much enhanced. So what apps are indispensable on this device. Well for a start the standard Google stack is a great baseline. After that these are the pick of the bunch from those that I have installed:

  • Office 365 – Great for complex Microsoft Office documents!
  • Office Suite Pro 7 – A great office suite.
  • DriveDroid – Boot computers from your Android device! Great tool has helped me out a number of times.
  • National Rail – I am especially fond of the “get me home” – has saved my bacon on a number of occasions!
  • Piwik – Website monitoring on the move!
  • Whatsapp – Essential messaging app, probably needs very little introduction.
  • WordPress – Website management and blogging on the move. An essential app for me.
  • Twitter – Needs little introduction, but I do like the ability to manage multiple twitter accounts.
  • Facebook – This one definitely needs no introduction!
  • Link2SD – Excellent app for managing applications on an SD card.
  • Owncloud – I love owncloud! Its so much more secure than Dropbox and the addons extend its usage so well. I say this eats Dropbox for breakfast! I’m a little peeved that they have started charging for the Android App though.
  • Momento Database – Great tool for customised databases on the move great for capturing leads and much more!
  • Photoshop Express – Excellent photo editing.
  • Meta Trader 5 – Excellent trading app!
  • Bloomberg – Best market news ever!
  • Entrepreneur – Investment and private equity news – quality!
  • MD Scan – Mobile document scanning, brilliant tool!