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Iphone, Ipod, Ipad

We currently have requirements for Ipod, Iphone and Ipad applications to be developed and we are also looking for developers with applications that require marketing and portfolio owners who wish to sell.

Please contact us for further information.

Moving to Apple – A 5 month review

Five months ago, when my mobile kit was due for renewal, I looked at all the options. The new Samsung Edge Phone was not going to last very long in my hands and there new tablet devices were “not doing it for me”. So I ended up opting for an iPhone 6s. I was previously using a Samsung Galaxy S4 and a Samsung Galaxy S3 Tab. I once swore blind I would never have an iPad but prefering to have my tablet and phone from the same vendoe meant that an iPad Air would be forthcoming. I had visions of this switch over being an unmitigated disater, how wrong I was. It took 4 hours on a Sunday afternoon, to get everything configured just the way I like it. So has the new kit performed so far? Well pretty well to be fair. I apreaciate the iPad’s screen size and it feels much better as a day to day companion than the Galaxy. Microsoft have even got the Office apps for the iPad spot on and the spreadsheets I have that use lots of macro’s work fautlessly. So what is wrong with this kit? Only one thing! An over optimistic Siri! The other week I had to take an Uber to central London because I was having a lot of trouble walking. Home wise I am based 13 miles from this office. At 8 am onn this particular morning, Siri informed me that it would take 21 minutes to get there in the car! Try an hour and a quarter stuck in South West London’s finest traffic! In all I am quite happy with the new kit and Apple seem to have sorted out battery life issues as well!  

For Sale

I have selection of old kit for sale and I am open to offers so please contact me if you are interested in any of it. The list is as follows:

  • Blackberry Curve
  • Samsung Galaxy 1 phone
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 1
  • Google Nexus 7 (dead)
  • Acer N270 netbook (Red)
  • Seagate 750 GB Thunderbolt hard drive
  • Apple Mac Macbook Pro (4GB RAM, 320 GB Hard drive, screen has a vertical hairline crack in the middle of the screen).
  • Gen 1 8GB iPod touch.

All sold with mains adapters and USBIMG_20130915_123622[1] leads.

Private cloud services for your small business at a price you can afford

Wimbledon Systems are delighted to announce their new private cloud offering for small business customers which also supports BYOD or “bring your own device to work”. Depending on options required and number of staff, prices start from ¬£1.99 per user per month and include a free WordPress installation for your main website or storage space for your site. Windows computers, Apple Mac’s iPhones, iPads, All android tablets, phablets and phones, Blackberries, Windows Mobile and older Symbian devices are supported via a small application which is available from all the major App Stores for free! The web based environment can be branded to your requirements for a very small fee!
Options available within the system are:

  • Document storage
  • Twitter like communication
  • Access to email.
  • Document scanning from phone camera or tablet camera.
  • Document Sharing
  • Expenses management
  • CRM
  • HR Management
  • Job management
  • Timesheeting

For a live demonstration of this new service and a free quote please contact us to arrange a time for us to come and visit you.