Popularity Huh?

I do like popularity. I like being popular. I think. May be I do not like popularity?I like lots and lots of traffic to my websites. However and this is a big however I do not like people stalking me. It does skew the figures somewhat and it is annoying having to go therough this traffic to get to the real traffic and analyse a proper visitor journey so I can ensure that the websites are getting quality traffic and conversions.. Yes ladies and gentlemen I am up to three stalkers. This latest stalker resides in an office block near Victoria Station in London and is on a BT Network. The often use a PC but then try and disguise their visits by using mobile phones both Android and Apple connected to WiFi on the same IP address. Plums. That is all have a lovely weekend.

Stalker Updates

Long time readers of this blog will know that I have had an online stalker for quite some time. In fact they have been really good recently and I have not had too much from them in recent months. As I have mentioned previously I know who this individual is and I will not name them and shame them here. However in Surrey, Epsom to be precise I have another stalker who appears to be an insomniac as they visit my sites on a regular basis at very strange hours of the morning. Many readers will know that I have excellent analytics, tracking and security monitoring software on all my websites and I do like to receive insights as to who my visitors are and what they do whilst they are visiting my sites. Again I know who this individual is and will not name and shame them here. I do hope however they are preferring the mobile device rendering on their new iPhone as opposed to the desktop version! That is all.

Stalker part 2

Some of you with long memories will remember this from last year. Well I thought it had subsided but no it appears my stalker is back bringing huge amounts of traffic to all of my sites over the past few days. I love website analytics for the rich picture it gives me about website visitors, who they are, where they are from, what they look at and how long they spend on the site in fact the systems I use actually tell me an awful lot more about each visit and visitor. I will not name and shame the individual even though I can, however I will say that they use Virgin Media, are from Warwickshire and from the sites that I own that sell things, they have never bought anything despite their frequent visits!!!!

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