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The NHS Business Services Authority

The NHS Business Services Authority has a wide remit in England. They provide a number of services for the NHS inncluding prepay prescription cards. Being prescribed about 20 types of medication I have these prepay cards to save money.

The NHS Business Services Authority have written to me to claim that I fraudulently used one of these cards to obtain prescription medication. Bad Move. I emailed them evidence, they stalled. They cannot provide evidence of this crime that they allege that I committed, Do you know why? Because I never committed this crime. They are trying to charge me a fine of £100 which I will not pay. In fact they now wrongly send 340,000 penalty notices accusing people of fraud every year. An example of this is here. That’s £34,000,000!

I have held meetings with other victims and have spoken to other interested parties at length about the general attitude of the NHS Business Services Authority. I will share more of the out on these meetings another time.

I know the NHS is strapped for cash but this to my own mind is fraudulently obtaining cash the other way round, which I strenuously object to. I have invoiced the NHS Business Services Authority for the waste of my time and will keep this post updated. I am considering suing the NHS Business Services Authority for Libel in view of their fraud accusation. I will update this post with further information.

The NHS Identity Scandal – My Take

Is a logo really worth it?

What is wrong with the NHS Logo?

Well according to an article in the Telegraph quite a lot. Link here.

According to this article NHS Trusts have to change all their stationery and signs because of what in my opinion is a stupid dikat by NHS ”identity managers”. The NHS “lozenge” has to be moved to be above the trust name instead of beside it.

To quote the telegraph “The measure has been introduced by the “NHS identity team” following 1,000 interviews and 28 focus groups with members of the public. It follows a two year review of the health service logo with nine workshops involving 100 communications officials.” For the love of the baby Jesus!

And again” NHS England said it would reduce “confusion and concern” among the public – claiming that current inconsistencies in current use of the format could be fuelling pressures on Accident & Emergency units.” What the feck? Even a brain dead dyslexic donkey can tell the difference between an Accident and Emergency department and other NHS Departments. Little hint to the NHS identity managers. An A&E has lots of big green and yellow trucks outside it that have sirens on top. These are called ambulances. They bring the sick to hospital. Have the “identity team” ever visited a hospital? I do wonder!

This bit I do agree with. “But hospital managers and charities poured scorn on the exercise – saying it would divert precious resources at a time when the health service is attempting to find £22bn in savings.” There is enough incompetence in the NHS and this measure will just fuel short cutting, mismanagement and lead to gaps in patient care. Regular readers of this site will know that I am rightly fond of shaming NHS incompetence on these pages. Regular readers will also know that I rarely have first hand cause to praise the NHS but it does happen. It does however happen. Why should a logo change happen as it will not benefit the people who need NHS Care and need that care to be first rate?

This bit of the article however has really got me throwing the toys out of my pram. “It was introduced by the NHS identity team, which has two members of staff on salaries of between £56,000 and £69,000 and £40,000 to £48,000 each.”

For the love of the baby Jesus. These people are paid how much? To do what exactly? Cut patient care when it is needed most? The NHS needs to save boat loads of cash. Agreed. Well sack these muppets for a start! Give them a job they can do. I would suggest something less taxing then stacking shelves in Asda. What does an NHS “identity manager” do exactly? Why such high salaries? I bet they actually do nothing but talk crap all day long and drink skinny soya milk lattes! My 10 year old daughter could have come up with something more compelling in her sleep! Add to the salaries the cost of some crappy 2 day course where they are taught to put bullshit such as a logo change together and this gets ridiculous. This money could be better spent on keeping hospital beds open, employing extra doctors and so many other actually worthwhile things. If the NHS got rid of silly people and job roles such as this the service would be more efficient and actually deliver what it is supposed to.

My message to the NHS is clear. Stop with crap such as this and get patient care right. Do it now! Oh and sack these muppets!

You see the taxes that ordinary people pay actually funds this horseshit. I want a tax rebate because I believe that my money could be better spent. Tax payers money is being squandered. Patients stuck on hospital trolleys in corridors I know will agree with me!

There is nothing wrong with the NHS logo it has a strong brand identity. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!



New Year – Time to try a new way of polishing a turd

New years resolutions. Give up smoking. Lose weight. Blah Blah.

However for some it time to start trying to polish a turd. You see St Georges Hospital NHS Trust are looking for a new Chairman.

The job description is full of vague crap and clearly not designed to attract the leader that this disgrace to South London desperately needs.

From the Job description

Our interim chair will be stepping down in Spring 2017, and we are seeking a Chair with a depth of leadership experience to work with our Board, Foundation Trust Governors, staff and key stakeholders to help drive our improvement programme.  This is a significant role which requires an exceptional individual with a track record of working through others and across organisational boundaries to achieve results at pace. To succeed, you will need strategic perspective, sound judgement and a firm commitment to improving public services, complemented by resilience, tenacity and a collegiate approach.

Er. Nah. This is naff. Let me rewrite this for you St Georges.

Urgently required. No Shit Sherlock for failing piece of shit NHS Trust in South West London. Needs to know how to swiftly sack 8000+ incompetent staff who clearly jumped into the gene pool when the lifeguard was not looking and ensure that these staff do not re-enter the labour market whatsoever, then refill all 8000 + positions. Next rebuild trust with the huge public you have failed to do the civic duty for over so many years. Remember St Georges – your strap line is “risking lives every day”. Thirdly get rid of trust wide medical negligence and incompetence. Forth. Get rid of administrators who do nothing but talk about last nights telly all day long.

Now I could quite easily deliver my version of the job description. The reason I am not applying is because I am not qualified in the politically correct sense of the word to deliver the turd polishing that their own job description requires.

St Georges managed to lose an interim CEO after 2 weeks earlier this year!

You see when you have a crock of shite like St Georges one cannot simply get the Fabreeze or the pledge out.

One simply cannot polish a turd. Whole scale change does not come about from being politically correct. You do not correct medical incompetence and idiotic staff by taking a collegiate approach.

So anyway here we have it For St Georges for the time being. 2017 brings turd polishing and continuing to risk lives every day. One thing I know for sure is that this appointment will not bring around the drastic change in healthcare that the population of South West London desperately deserve or need.

My Favourite Hospital Gets Its Comeupance At Last

So I am sitting watching the BBC London news in my man cave/office, when the subject of St Georges Hospital in Tooting comes up. I listen intently. It  appears they have been now rated inadequate by the Care Quality Commision failing on leadership and safety and that special measures have been recommended for improvement.
Many readers will be aware of my failing health, many readers will be aware that I have written fequently about my run ins with this hospital and its staff. I feel that this judgement is a long time coming and a case of a little too late. I have been saying that St Georges is crap for years.
I am however grateful to the Care Quality Commision for their report and would like to take this opportunity to invite the inspectors involved in the creation of this report to lunch to thank them for their dilligence.
Now maybe St Georges will get to a position where it is not routinely putting lives at risk as they do so frequently. Remember St Georges, I have a lot of evidence of this.
Indeed hopefully soon South West Londons’ residents of failing health will soon start to receive the hospital that they deserve and desperately need.

The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs

The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs is a documentary series on the BBC in England. In the programme a doctor Called Chris Van Tulleken takes over a part of a doctors surgery in Chingford, North East London and offers drug free medical treatment. I found him and his first episode a little scary. In this episode he prescribed a James Bond DVD instead of antibiotics! for the love of Mary! I am disabled I suffer from severe osteo arthritis, menieres disease and a few other things, his methods will never work for me and thats a fact! I tuned in to the second episode with an open mind. I was shocked by the way the goaded a young woman with depression on a Skype chat with psycho clap trap. This got me angry. The way he then attempted to counsel a woman who suffers from chronic pain and his quite frankly belittling and patronising attitude in both episodes finally got my rage. He in my opinion wasn’t bordering on dangerous he was openly dangerous. Chris Van Tulleken says he is a doctor and a scientist. Who ever employs Chris should really consider Chris’ P45. I would also consider sending the chaps in white coats round to visit him. Mr Chris Van tulleken you are dangerous individual. Let us now move onto the doctors surgery in Chingford. Let us be clear here. Allowing Chris into your surgery with his dangerous ideas were neither your best decision nor your finest hour. I hope that in time that you rebuild the patient trust that you must have lost by agreeing to invite Chris into your professional environment. Let us lastly turn to the BBC. You can the most popular car show by over castigating a presenter who punched someone. You then show this dangerous clap trap, you clearly only want to annoy TV licence payers. On that note can you refund me my licence fee please as you have clearly shown me that you cannot be trusted to spend my hard earned money responsibly by broadcasting bollocks like this.

High Profile Substance Missuse

The tabloid press love this stuff don’t they? You name a Z-List celebrity and the chances are they have been splashed across the tabloids for smoking a joint or snorting cocaine. Even Royals can’t escape this one as Prince Harry found out. The tabloid press however must have missed a trick with this mornings papers and possibly even tomorrow mornings front pages. The question is this? How much is Theresa May snorting or smoking at the moment? Last Night it was Boris Johnson’s appointment as Foreign Secretary. I’m sorry he is a buffoon and not a statesman. Good as London Mayor and great fun. According on the sat nav on my phone I was once breaking the speed limit in Hyde Park on one of his bikes! That’s about it for Boris. So begs the first of the what was Theresa May on when she made the appointment questions? It starts to get better. Amber Rudd as Home Secretary. Amber who?? We can park this one there! Lets move onto education. I take a great interest as a father on what is going on in the education world. The education system in this country has been particularly unblessed by countless worthless secretaries of state. Theresa did get rid of Nicky Morgan though. I will judge Justine Greening on her actions but she does seem a bit wet for the role. Now we move onto health. Regular readers know that at times I can heavily berate the healthcare system in this country on these pages. However today’s announcement that Jeremy Hunt is still in position is the biggest indicator yet that Theresa May is on drugs. This is a man that wrote a book on privatising the NHS, has annoyed and driven junior doctors and their unions alike to hell and back and has been an absolute “banker” around the negotiating table. Come on Jeremy Hunt is even cockney rhyming slang for C**T! We are still waiting to see who takes up other important posts. The post of business secretary is one I will be particularly interested in. In the team time if the drugs squad have nothing to do I suggest they nip round to 10 downing street and bag some easy arrests!

OK St Georges Hospital – Its High Noon Now!

What on God’s Earth are you playing at? I thought you were getting better after the 2013 debacle and had learned your lessons. Obviously not. I thought you were not on a par with Kingston Hospital for fraud and Professional misconduct. Obviously not.
The other week you even had someone cleaning and doing a good job of it. Or was this marketing bluster designed to disguise professional shortcomings.
Your ENT Department can be considered a shambles. I have had the displeasure of dealing with them recently. Your David Selvadurai was deeply unpleasant individual who does not let people speak or answer direct questions and is more interested in private work, public speaking and drawing posters according to his website. Next I am sent to see Raouf Chobbaci who is not a specialist on any issues I have but a paediatric specialist in cleft palate! What the holy fuck! You cannot make this up. I am also amazed that this gentleman can concurrently work at so many hospitals and practices across such a wide geographic area.
Next we have Edward Mccrondell. I was fortunate to see a note left on your system from him about me today. I will not disclose this note here however it was deeply abusive and insulting. Who does this dickhead think he is? I expect a proper apology from this individual. Another example of St Georges Hospital employing an incapable individual. In fact let us go further the three gentlemen mentioned above really need their P45’s issuing. If they worked for me they would have been fired a long, long time ago.
On the subject of ENT. How do you manage to keep people waiting for so long without any communication. I saw a service delivery manager on Saturday or that’s what his badge said he was? He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Sorry a Service Delivery Manager should be properly dressed. What service delivery was he managing? I could not see a service being delivered.
The other week I had to call you out on this very blog about data security. In view of the above I have decided to name and shame this doctor in the Orthopaedic department.  It is Doug Matthews. You can find more information on Doug’s misconduct elsewhere on this blog.
Really, St Georges, what are you playing at? Why do you insist on making so many mistakes?
How do people have any faith in you? What is your problem?
Note to readers just put St Georges into the search facility to see how many times I have had to call out this hospital on this blog.
It is real pity that you have decided to slump back to your old lows in of professionalism or should I say professional misconduct. It is a shame for the residents of south West London as there is no longer a professional hospital left in that sector. The nearest professional outfit is on the Fulham Road or over at Waterloo. Maybe that is what you want for your hospital?
I suggest you change your slogan to “St Georges Hospital  – Putting lives at risk” . Remember I have direct evidence of you doing this!

Another day another IT Security breach

This morning I was at Georges Hospital in Tooting for one of my regular visits. Once again the doctor leaves the room and leaves his computer unlocked. I was able to grab this photograph and other information on my medical record. (I wont post that stuff here, neither will I post the picture of my penis as it will take you 6 months to scroll down to see the full length!)   IMG_0344   I last wrote about data protection breaches in September 2013 on this very blog. In 3 years nothing has changed at St Georges Hospital, doctors are still putting patients personal information at risk. This is a shocking state of affairs, just because staff cannot be bothered to lock their workstations before they leave a room. As someone who has worked hard on IT security related matters in the NHS in the past I find this a crying shame. If I had 2 more minutes I would have quite easily have had information on other patients as well that I could have posted here. I certainly would not have minded the personal phone number of the drop dead gorgeous blond lady in the short dress who was in reception at the same time! Note to St Georges Hospital. This is bloody unacceptable in this day and age. Next time I will name and shame your staff here.