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Advertised For Friends – SmartWatch Distributors

A broker friend of Court’s is looking for Country Distributors for a new brand of smartwatches for the UK and Ireland.

This is a new lifestyle brand and the SmartWatch is their first product. There are excellent retail possibilities.

A good distributor with some infrastructure and excellent retail contacts is sought for the UK and Ireland. Separate distributors for each country will be considered.

Good margins are available.

If anyone is interested please contact Court via the form below and he will put you in touch with the broker.

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Posted by Mike Jones

Franchise Recruitment Requirement

A friend of mine and a member of The Club has a requirement for some franchisee recruitment and advertising for new franchisees for two franchises with budget ready to spend.

Dave is a member of The Club (Register here)

The franchises he needs help with are in the hot food and home care sectors.

Please join the club and talk to Dace or use the form below to contact me and I will pass it on.

    Last Chance To Read Market Comment

    This is the last chance to read  Market Comment.

    Market Comment is Court Guinness’ clarksonistic take on what is happening in the market place. In this issue he manages to make jibes about eye tests,  Le Creuset pots and pans, people carriers and the Barclaycard fraud department while commenting on dealmaking. Please do read on below.


    Trade House Disposals Update 20/01/2020

    I am pleased to announce that The Trade House and Court Guinness have disposed of the following:

    • Trade Jobs – our executive search recruitment portal for startups and senior executives.
    • The Trade Lounge – Social networking for small business owners.
    • The Trade Counter – import/export
    • Virtual Office business
    • Some intellectual property from The Trade Library
    • UK Shareholdings
    • Irish Shareholdings
    • French Shareholdings

    I am not disclosing deal terms.

    The following is still available:

    • The Trade Room – SME & HNWI Business consultancy and project management.
    • The Trade Desk – A networking (telephone and internet) based deal making and deal matching service.
    • The Trade House Magazine – A successful business deals magazine. Over 40,000 readers every issue.
    • Some intellectual property from The Trade Library. More information available.

    I am open to discussing all reasonable deals on the above four disposals.

    Please use the form below to contact me with any enquiries.


    Project Availability 2021

    Court Guinness has the following availability for projects from 11/01/2021.

    Court is taking early discussions now and will be delighted to hear from you if you have a project you would like to discuss.

    Please use the form below to discuss a project for 2021 with Court Guinness.

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