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Site Closure

It is with a lot of sadness that I announce that is closing.

The site will be available here for a few months yet.

The site has migrated to and the site there will be updated from now on.

All new content will be posted there and no new content will appear here. You will notices differences between the two sites already.

Please update your bookmarks.

The principal email address for Court Guinness has also changed. Please use the form below to contact him if you need his new email address.

Please click here to visit the new website

Email Changes

As part of the migration away from the email address for Court Guinness is changing. If you require the new email address you should request this by using the form below.

    Introducing Mike

    I would like to take this opportunity to introduce my friend Mike Jones. Mike is an old friend and webmaster with bags of experience who will be helping me keep this site and a few other web-based things such as my Nextcloud instance up and running and in order from now on.

    Mike and I have been friends for more years than I care to remember. I will be be creating the content for this site mainly by using a dictation to text tool but he will do most of the uploading and site care and maintenance.

    This step in keeping this site live is necessary owing to continued failing of my health.

    Mike can be contacted by using the contact form below.

      Updated Site List June 2021

      Please see below for the Court Guinness Sites for June 2021.

      Open Access



      Restricted Access

      usernames and passwords required

      CourtFax Server
      CourtFax Web

      100,000 Milestone Reached for 2021!

      At 11:37 on 02/06/2021 this website recorded its 100,000th visitor for 2021.

      I wish to take this opportunity to thank all visitors for helping me to reach this milestone.

      This equates to an average of 19,655 visits per month. In fact our highest monthly figure has been a sniff under 30,000. The lowest so far is just over 9,000. The average visit takes in an average of just over 5 pages every visit.

      This website is targeted to receive 235,000 visits this year.

      Thank You all once again,

      Best regards


      Trade House Update 02/06/2020

      The Trade House has not reopened.

      As promised previously The Trade House has now fully closed on time and on schedule. The database has been “locked” and is stored on a very secure server as was promised at the start of my retirement. The database’s only purpose now is to service any Subject Access Request Notices that may arise.

      The address is closed off and emails are now not responded too.

      Various parts of The Trade House remain available for sale, this includes The Trade House Magazine.

      All public Trade House content is now available in various areas of this website.

      I am sorry to disappoint those who were expecting a more favourable update such as my returning to work! Alas this is definitely not possible. I do wish that this were not the case.

      Any Trade House enquiries can be made by using the form below.

        The courtg9000 Plan

        Many readers have asked about the site at and what the plans are.

        The plan at the moment is that courtg9000 will be a regularly updated mirror of this site. This however might change and in that case courtg9000 will become the primary site.

        I will be keeping all readers regularly updated. The courtg9000 site is still a bit of a building site so be warned. I shall be changing this in the coming weeks.

        Best regards


        The Club Update 03/05/2021

        The Club – The private network of Court Guinness has been moved away from the main site in order to improve performance of both The Club and the main website.

        In view of the large number of spam applications which were recently running at over 300 per week. Access to the club is strictly by invitation only and those invited are able to join and to be accepted.