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Website Attack 21/07/2020

At 01:40 UK time was attacked by hackers.

Court was notified and woken up at 01:41 UK time and began working on the issue immediately. The attackers hit some WordPress systems and attacked some other systems.

Court decided on appropriate action and began a complete restore of all systems on He has also run a risk assessment and GDPR assessment.

This was an attempt to replace this carefully crafted website with malicious content. The appropriate authorities have been informed. The hackers did not get far enough in their endeavours and we consider that their attack was thwarted.


No user data has been compromised. All users of all systems will have to reset their passwords on next login. This is a safety precaution. Trade club users provide limited information to our website.

Current System Status

The main Court WordPress platform has been restored to a backup from 19/07/2020 at 17:00. Any Trade Club members registering after that point will have to re-register after 14:00 UK time 21/07/2020. Any re-registrations prior to 14:00 21/07/2020 will be discarded.

The following systems are non-operational until 19:30 UK time.

  • Nextcloud/Extranet/Talk – Please disregard any links and request new access as all links will have to be regenerated.
  • X2CRM
  • CourtFax
  • Support Tickets
  • Project Management
  • Fresh
  • Intranet
  • WordPress 2 &3
  • Wedding
  • Medical
  • Public Sites
  • Naytencourt

Courtgui1-courtgui4, freelander, discovery and shogun are NOT affected.

Some links posted on social media since 19/07/2020 may not work.

There are some issues with and these are being addressed currently. Further updates will be issued during the day of 21/07/2020.

If you have any concerns please click here to contact us.

Court for himself is deeply annoyed and upset by this incident (and very P155ed off that his sleep was interrupted!) and sends his most sincere apologies to everyone for the inconvenience that this incident has caused.

What he would do if he ever got his hands on the little scroats that did this cannot be published on these pages as it would contravene decency rules.

Communicating With Court Guinness -16/07/2020

Court Guinness has suffered another severe drop in the levels of his hearing and is waiting for his aids to be either replaced or readjusted. He cannot hear very much at all.

In the meantime please communicate with him via email. (You can use a form to contact him below).

There is a small time delay on email reponse but generally as emails will be attended to within 24 hours.

Please also use the form below to arrange a video conference. Please note that as Court lip-reads, you must be sitting square face on to the camera and the camera must not move. Please speak clearly and ensure that he can see your lips moving. For security purposes and ease all video conferences will take place on our internal platform.

Please do not use Whatsapp or text to communicate with Court regarding work or business at this time.