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The Club Update 03/05/2021

The Club – The private network of Court Guinness has been moved away from the main site in order to improve performance of both The Club and the main website.

In view of the large number of spam applications which were recently running at over 300 per week. Access to the club is strictly by invitation only and those invited are able to join and to be accepted.

London Visits

I am starting to plan 3 post-covid visits to London.

As per my policy on London visits (Click Here) all meetings will be held in the vicinity of London Heathrow Airport.

I already have some meetings penciled in but do have space for other meetings.

To arrange a meeting with me in London please use the form below to contact me.


    I am rather pleased to be able to announce that the final edition of The Trade House Magazine has won just over 100,000 readers across all channels.

    This is a bittersweet win as I have had to give up producing The Trade House magazine on health grounds. I know that many of you held it in high affection and I still get over 50 calls a week on Trade House Magazine related business. There are so many of you who want to see it return either as readers or advertisers. I am delighted to know that I built something that was enjoyed and useful to many.

    My deepest and most sincere thanks go to every reader who made this fantastic milestone happen.

    I am still looking for someone to take The Trade house Magazine on its next journey and I hope that this can be sorted soon! The next journey for The Trade House is something I so want to see as even I can see it holds quite some value for the business community. As always I am open to all conversations about how it can continue.

    Once again I offer my sincere thanks to all who made this incredible milestone happen.

    With best regards