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70,000! Thank You So Much

I am delighted to announce that the final edition of The Trade house Magazine, The Winter 2020/2021 Special edition has won just over 70,000 readers.

The actual readership is 70,541.

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of behalf of everyone involved in producing The Trade House Magazine to thank every reader for their support.

I should also like to take this opportunity to thank our associates and advertisers for their support on our journey too.

It is fantastic to get such high readership figures for our final edition.

The magazine will close in the next few weeks and final figures will be announce then.

It is thanks to all our readers. A total of 375,000 across all issues, that we have grown at over 20% straight line in readership terms. We have grown in terms of deals 100 fold from £24,000,000 of business deals and opportunities to a final total of £2,400,000,000 worth of business and property deals and opportunities.

The magazine has also grown from 14 pages and 29 adverts to 140 pages and 927 adverts!

I am proud of these achievements but know these achievements are in no small part due to our readers, advertisers and associates.

I will produce a more detailed statistics blog soon.

Once again, Thank You All.

With kindest regards,

Court Guinness

The Trade House Magazine

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Final Consolidated Deals List

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    Featured post

    The Trade House Magazine Winter 2020/2021 Special Edition

    I am delighted to announce the launch of the Winter 2020/2021 Special Edition of The Trade House Magazine.

    Please click or see below for more.

    Now extending at 144 pages, this issue has just over £2,400,000,000 of business, property and asset opportunities inside. There are 927 opportunities all up. We may have shrunk in page size over the past few issues but we have grown in the number of business opportunities we have for you. Our most expensive opportunity in the Middle East stands in at £213,000,000.

    The magazine continues to grow in its own way every month.

    I should like to thank the 43,143 unique readers of the October 2020 edition for their readership.

    Please do feel free to share this issue with friends, family, colleagues and associates.

    You can download the Winter 2020/2021 special edition of The Trade House Magazine by clicking the link below (the magazine is still free at the moment) here is a form below for any enquiries


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      Project Managers Required – Ireland/France

      Posted on behalf of a friend if you are interested please contact me using the form below and I will connect you.

      Post COVID work available in Ireland and France (sometime 2021) . Project Managers required for agricultural to residential/leisure/hospitality/retail conversions. Must have manager experience on more than one similar project. Timescales likely to be “progressive”

      Please use the form below for any enquiries.

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        Rolling Retirement Blog 24/01/20 – Post Retirement Day

        So far retirement is going pretty well.

        Please click or scroll below for more. Lots of new updates since 15/01/2021

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        “Linkgate” – What Is It?

        Linkgate is a new term for an incident involving Facebook.

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        For Sale 24/01/2021

        Please see the list of items below for sale

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        Bolthole Requirement

        I have the following requirement for a “bolthole” – a place or holiday home to enjoy some of my retirement.

        Please see below.

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        Franchise Recruitment Requirement

        A friend of mine and a member of The Club has a requirement for some franchisee recruitment and advertising for new franchisees for two franchises with budget ready to spend.

        Dave is a member of The Club (Register here)

        The franchises he needs help with are in the hot food and home care sectors.

        Please join the club and talk to Dace or use the form below to contact me and I will pass it on.

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          Join Me at Mewe

          I have signed up at Mewe which is a new competitor to Facebook.

          I have decided to migrate away from Facebook for a number of reasons but mainly the Linkgate saga. Members at The Club will know all about this.

          Mewe is here (Clickable link)

          Introducing Lisa

          I take this long belated opportunity to introduce Lisa Polegate, who works as my assistant. She will be posting here and is already active in helping me running The Club.

          Lisa has previous working with me on Court Capital Partners and The Trade House.

          Please be nice in your dealings with her.

          Rolling Business Opportunities List 24/01/2020

          Please see below for links to all Trade House Magazine December 2020 opportunities lists. This post will be updated throughout December 2020. Please check back regularly.

          Updated 24/01/2020.

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          Last Chance To Read Market Comment

          This is the last chance to read  Market Comment.

          Market Comment is Court Guinness’ clarksonistic take on what is happening in the market place. In this issue he manages to make jibes about eye tests,  Le Creuset pots and pans, people carriers and the Barclaycard fraud department while commenting on dealmaking. Please do read on below.