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Apparently I Am Having a Mid-Life Crisis

I don’t actually believe it but according to my assistant, my Amazon basket and Ebay watch and bid lists over the past few days suggest it. Wow! Personally, I cannot see anything wrong with the Amazon list. A keyboard cover … Continue reading

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Excessive Travel – The Right Gear

I was asked recently by a friend who will as soon as lockdown ends be starting a new job and doing a stupid amount of travelling for work about the right gear for stupid amounts of travelling. So based on … Continue reading

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Website Outage

This website was unavailable from 22:00 26/02/2020 until 17:00 27/02/2020. This was due to a PHP issue. I apologise for any inconvenience caused. CG

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Brucie Bonsuses and Finders Fee’s Available

Brucie bonuses and finders fees are available to members of The Club. These offers can be found here

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12 Years In The Mobile Phone Trade

Early in 2004,  My Naytencourt business bought an online mobile phone business called Ewell Mobile along with some other businesses. It sold all the latest mobile phones and accessories and built a good name itself. Pre large scale social media … Continue reading

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Wanted! Rover Mini Cooper Sport

I am looking for a Rover Mini Cooper Sport (1997 -2001) to buy. The idea is to keep it in mint condition but also to enjoy it. I would prefer the walnut pack and the sunroof if possible. A big … Continue reading

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Bolthole Requirement Updated 23/02/2020

I have the following requirement for a “bolthole” – a place or holiday home to enjoy some of my retirement. Please see below.

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Microblog: Numbers update

Website Numbers: 01/0/2021 – Present 19,240 visitors!  

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Medical Records Policy – Effective 00:01 22/02/2021

This new medical records policy for Court Guinness comes into effect from 00:01 22/02/2021. In the light of recent issues regarding incorrect medical data being held about me the following policy has had to be introduced. Holding incorrect data about … Continue reading

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Tech Update 1 Feb 2021

So whats new in tech around here? Well, Home Assistant has arrived on one of the webservers and is fairing well in its work as a  central control point for home devices. It is working well with Google Home and … Continue reading

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