Belated Happy 9th Birthday To This website

Well its official birthday was 12th June. For 9 years this site has been run on WordPress. Before that it was just a holding page for many years.

In the past year the site has shrunk somewhat. A lot of the old downloads have gone. Podcasts are temporarily away. The old Trade Counter shop has been removed taking with it around 6,000 items of content and a few other things have been removed too. There is still over 8,000 individual items of content on the site which is a good thing. Before the shrinking, there was over 20,000 items of content.

Even though I have retired this has been one of the busiest years for the Court Guinness website as we have already 100,000 visits. There has been a Court Guinness since long before its WordPress incarnation and until 9 years ago this was just a holding page with a few links on it. Since 2012 readership has steadily grown. Mathematics suggests that this site might make 200,000 visits in 2021. I am not too sure but it is certainly a milestone I would love to see reached.

There are no real plans for this site for the next year as yet. A template change may happen shortly but that’s about it. I know from some visitors that they would like to see certain things return including the Trade Counter and the magazine but unfortunately that’s not possible.

I would like to close by taking this opportunity to thank all visitors for popping by. I really appreciate it.

Thanks and best regards