Nextcloud Does It Again May 2021

It is no secret that I have been a massive fan of Nextcloud since the day it landed.

All of my businesses have had an intranet based on Nextcloud since it came out. It has become a “default deployment”. A very good deployment and time saving deployment too. On the whole users have loved it too.

Here is where it gets interesting. It is interesting watching the way they work. incremental update, incremental update, a major update with some nice new value-enhancing toys to play with and then BAM! Something totally fantastic to really knock that ball right out of the park!

First there was Talk, integrated video conferencing, then integrated office and now this great announcement about Open Project integration! This is all seriously good stuff that is continually making a great product even greater.

The integration is basic so far but the signs are good and the possibilities are endless and amazing.

As I am now retired I no longer need the great project management tooling offered by Open Project indeed my own Nextcloud cloud has become a very personal instance with the Radio component and the music component amongst others installed and quite a few of the more business oriented components removed. However I think I might just install open project on one of my servers and integrate it into Nextcloud just for kicks šŸ™‚

It it always good to see what the team at Nextcloud come up with and I cannot wait for the next announcement!

So well done to Nextcloud and well done to Open Project too. Again I am a fan of Open Project, admittedly I am not as big a fan of Open Project as I am of Nextcloud but I do like and appreciate the project and have been a heavy user of it but I am pleased to see the two products come together. This is good for both products in my opinion and I so look forward to the integration developing further. So my thanks, best wishes and good luck go to both organisations.