Easter 2021 Updates

Despite retirement it has been a very busy quarter. This website has gained 46,498 visits to date with visitors spending an average of 32 minutes every hour on the site.

I am taking even more action against Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Trust as more stuff comes to light. Of course I will update you all.

Retirement is going well and I am not missing the business as much as I thought I would. Plans to relocate abroad are currently on hold, changes to Spanish legislation especially are causing issues and I might have to give the southern Spanish sunshine a swerve. France is still looking attractive, though. The hunt for a UK bolthole is going slowly and I am still smarting from missing out on a Grand Banks yacht last month! The sleeping situation is getting worse and I am falling over more often too. I am considering swapping the mobility scooter for a wheelchair.

The learning of Python is going ok. Various things going on in March has meant that there has not been as much time as I would like to devote to this. I have however managed to knock a few bugs out of some of my code. As mentioned in other blogs I have invested in Raspberry Pi’s and these are great tools. Some more may be ordered soon! My new media centre is just excellent. With various streaming tools, a good music and media player and some fine retro game emulators it is truly a fun thing to have. I am not a fan of modern gaming systems for example Xbox or the latest PlayStation or their games but I do have a fondness for the old school stuff and I am quickly relearning my Sega Megadrive skills from the early 90’s. My thanks must go to Recallbox for their excellent Raspberry Pi image.

The club is growing slowly but nicely and could do with new members but I am pleased with growth. I have expanded and uplifted the “Brucie bonus” section to allow members to earn money and do business from various initiatives. This includes document sharing and video conferencing. The Brucie Bonus Update is here along with the opportunity to earn some referral fees. I remind everyone that access to The Club is free.

I am still enjoying blogging regularly and enjoying the uplift in traffic that this brings. There has been an uplift in the number of pure play blogs posted in the last quarter.

Here are the most popular blogs from Q1:

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The Linkgate saga continues. I lifted the Irish IP address bans and they simply returned! Blocks will be put back in place. As always I apologise to Irish visitors who are not involved but are nonetheless blocked. I am enjoying expanding my networks on other social media channels and Linkgate has driven more traffic here.

I have started booking for events for Q3 onwards and should be available for 1-2-1’s soon. I will update on international travel as soon as the relevant governments sort their s**t out. One trip to Ireland is long overdue as is a trip to mainland Europe. I am hoping for end Q3/early Q4 for both of these. Do keep an eye on this website for updates.

Lastly the giggle of the month must go to some people doing some work here who were questioned about an incident and gave a totally different version of events to the truth! Thing is the incident was captured on my CCTV so was their giving of their version of events! Muppets! I have taken further action against the firm and individuals involved.

That’s all for now!

Thank you for reading

Best regards