No Workey!!

I have had a much larger than the normal number of requests this week to return to work and active business.

The situation is this. I am totally retired from work now and have been since 31.12.2020. I will never work again. The brain is up for it but the body is definitely not!

Normally now I get 1 or 2 “please come back as I am looking for X or Y” this week there has been 19 enquiries!

Some of them have been for very meaty corporate projects where a great difference could be made. One was even weekly commuting to Geneva as soon as COVID was sorted! I have been banned from flying since 2014!

It looks like that despite Covid there is still some seriously good and highly valuable stuff kicking off. This is very good to see. It looks like some of the best business specialists, technology specialists, senior consultants and project managers are going to get some great opportunities to earn lots of money in spite of the dreaded IR35 and some will get a chance to get boat loads of Avios points too when restrictions are lifted.

I simply cannot work any more chaps and chapesses! That’s the long and short of it.

I must proffer thanks to some friends who think I can still work and pull off very large projects while suffering from chronic pain every day even working from home! To, Gerald, Mike and Simon, Thank you for your faith in me! I still cannot do it!

I will however introduce friends to friends who need assistance for corporate projects and the Networking Section of The Club is also available for this purpose. (Registration required).

I will consider making a public register on this site as a favour to my friends if there is very high demand.

Friends who are looking for work or who need people can also drop me a note below.