Hang on a minute Court is talking about fruit. He believes that apples should be in the same place as Apple devices. The bin. So what is going on?

Rest assured apart from iPad that is only used for occasional access to the internet all apple devices are in the bin and I retain the nickname of “salad dodger”!

The reason for talking about Raspberries is of course the Rasberry Pi single-board computer. These things are sooo cool.

A very small computer that packs a lot of punch. There are two of them here with two more on order.

One of them is configured as a general web server with DietPi to sit alongside 2 Yunohost webservers built on Acer Mini PC’s. It is currently running Home Assistant, Nextcloud, WordPress, Yacy and FreshRSS.  Home Assistant runs very nicely on these and runs better than on the Yunohost boxes. As the automation stack in the home grows this will become more useful.

The second Pi is being reserved fora few projects I am developing here. The two Raspberry Pi’s on order will be used for a dedicated retro gaming console and a media server respectively. More about this below.

The first of the two new ones will be used as a media and CCTV server and the second will be a dedicated retro gaming console. Pi 2 has already had limited use a console and I am looking forward to reloading the games systems and playing some seriously retro games particularly back from the Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum and Sega Master System days.

I have started learning Python and improving my HTML/PHP skills my CSS is still a bit crap as can be evidenced in my very basic design. Or maybe my design skills are just crap!

I currently have a local transport monitor configured and a few other things are in the pipes. The collection of HTML, Javascript and PHP pages have been migrated to the second Pi and will be joined by some more stuff soon.

I am really enjoying playing with the Raspberry Pi kit and I am considering adding a Q400 that integrates a keyboard into the collection. I can only see mi Pi collection growing. A Pi Zero cluster is also under consideration. The only thing I cannot see myself using certainly just yet is the Pi Pico.