Who Is Up For Hopefully The Brightest Business Opportunity This Year?

This one is a difficult situation for me. I find myself as a former business broker who can’t move something good……

Fear not, I am not working again. The brain is able but the body is not.

The thing is I built The Trade House Magazine up from almost scratch and developed it into a solid growing foundation.

I should have been able to move “Probably the world’s brightest business deals magazine” on, but I have been unable to. I am open to any deals.

I know… Covid, Brexit, recession……..

Here is where I have the problem. I am being pestered left, right and centre by former readers and advertisers to bring the magazine back three months after I published the last issue. I get loads of emails every day wanting the same things. Either a new issue to read or a new issue to advertise in. Again the brain is often able, the body is not.

These people need The Trade House Magazine back in their lives. I keep getting enquiries for businesses that are still listed too and I am always asked when I will write Market Comment again! This was a very popular feature.

So this is an open request. I am open to all deals. Come and take the Trade House Magazine on its next journey. I can provide advice. A little support. I can do fantastic deals. I might even write some articles and even Market Comment!  – If I can. The magazine is ready for revenue now and has the basis to gain revenue and generate it. The database is in lovely shape. The final issue has won 95,000 readers!

So please someone, come in and help save this great business magazine from the incinerator!

My health precludes bringing it back but I will listen in detail to every single proposal as The Trade House Magazine deserves more than death and so many people do not want it dead either. It sits in the corner demanding another run. It wants to be out in the world with new deals on every page in every issue.  It deserves more than what it has, some would say it deserves more than me and better than me.

The floor is open to everyone to come and talk to me with your ideas for this magazine and I will do what I can to help you bring them to fruition. Sale? Revenue share? Any others?

Below the contact form is an interactive Trade House Magazine and interactive documents.

Please use the form to contact me with any enquiries.

I will be grateful for all your assistance.