The Club Update: March 2021

The Club is my private social network, which is designed for regular visitors, friends, former colleagues and business associates to keep in touch and network.

There are lots of powerful conversations going on and The Club is being developed all the time. With around 20 regular members it grows slowly but surely with lots of opportunities to chat, have fun, network, get advice and do business. Lots of good connections have already been made.

One particular feature is the “Brucie Bonus Corner” which allows people to make money from referrals and to help people get what they need. It is very popular.

We have people wanting property, discussing soldering irons, health, planning post lockdown events and much more.

Regular and known visitors to this site are welcome to register as are friends, former colleagues, former staff, business associates and even former suppliers. Spam applicants are weeded out at the registration stage, Registration is not automatic and needs my approval. If you fall into one of the groups above please do consider joining I would be delighted to have you as a member of The Club.