Apparently I Am Having a Mid-Life Crisis

I don’t actually believe it but according to my assistant, my Amazon basket and Ebay watch and bid lists over the past few days suggest it.

Wow! Personally, I cannot see anything wrong with the Amazon list. A keyboard cover for a tablet, cables (lots), a router, some MicroSD cards, new security cameras and some stationery cannot count as anything out of the ordinary.

Lets move on to my Ebay list which includes some Raspberry Pi and retro computing stuff, a crocodile skin filofax cover and a Mini Cooper! (The original, mk6/7  Cooper sport version not the hideous german remake!) This apparently is where my mid-life crisis comes in!

Personally I can’t see it, neither is in bad taste and both items are very smart 🙂 Its not like I have bought red trousers, a “hoxton hat” and a Porsche! I haven’t started drinking almond milk latte’s either!

So its over to you. Original Mini Cooper and a crocodile skin filofax cover? Mid-life crisis or not? You tell me!