Why Does A Tech Guy Use One Of These

So we have a bloke with all the latest tech at his disposal who still uses a Filofax? What the actual ****?

Yes, I use a Filofax as well as all the technology I have at my disposal.

So what is the reason for that?  Well firstly there is nothing clandestine or “new world” about it and no I am not part of a secret anti-vaxxer cult that uses a Filofax as a means of identifying other members!

No, it’s simpler than that. Even in retirement I still take a lot of notes, especially when talking to professionals on the phone. I can write by hand so much quicker than I can type.

Why not use a standard notepad? Well, standard notepads are pretty manky things and are not hard-wearing.  Also, grotty notepads do not look good in meetings!

As you can see below, the Filofax makes a very smart notepad that graces even the opulent conference table.

When I get a new Filofax I rip out the inserts it comes with and fill it with plain paper and a few other inserts for business cards and receipts for example. Yes this is more expensive than a standard notepad but it is better.

I have been using this technique for 10 years and it works, It is easier to file notes than an ordinary notepad too. I have just changed over to a personal size Filofax after my A5 Filofax got ripped through its leather. One thing I was pleasantly surprised by is the drop in weight. This is probably the best and smartest all-round solution to the problem. My dictating notes into a third-party app while having a conversation will never work.

So there we are the reasons for still using a Filofax!