Missing Things….

Ordinarily this week every year should be a very, very busy one indeed. I would start with Spring Fair at the NEC and follow this up with a visit to a private equity conference in London. Next would be the pub expo at Olympia where I would combine drumming up business with sampling new beers and craft gins! This would be completed with a departure for Ireland to tend to my various business interests there.

Both retirement and covid are putting paid to that for this year. In truth, I would have attended the pub expo anyway for the sheer pleasure alone of trying new gins and beers without the need to drum up business.

I am certainly not missing the long haul in the car from London to Ireland as this one is more onerous than the other trips I do after such a heavy week as in previous times I would have to weave my usual workload in too.

There is next year I suppose…..