10,693,604. So what does it mean?

The number is very significant indeed. You see I have been developing websites since 1997. I have lost count of the number of I have done in total. I have developed a good number for businesses I have owned and indeed some personal websites too.

10,693,604 relates to the total number of visitors that have visited sites that I have wholly developed for businesses that I have wholly owned and some personal sites I have developed. This is the total figure from 1997 to now.

I too was surprised So let’s break the figures down. courtguinness.com takes around 11% of this number. My former online retailing businesses such as The Hotels Network, Network Travel, Shop For Electricals, Tastefull Lingerie and The Mobile Fone Network make up 60% with sites such as SystemNet Data, Naytencourt and the rest taking the remainder. 30% of all visits came from social media. The average bounce rate surprised me too sitting at 19%. I thought it would be higher.

I only have one site now, this one. Last year this site welcomed 140,000 visitors and is predicted to welcome 115,000 visitors in 2021 according to the software developed in Excel that I use to forecast these things.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the website visitors that have made this success possible.