Rolling Retirement Blog 24/01/20 – Post Retirement Day

So far retirement is going pretty well.

Please click or scroll below for more. Lots of new updates since 15/01/2021

This is the latest of the post retirement day blogs.

I successfully retired on 31/12/2020.

I am keeping this blog post updated on a regular basis until early February 2021 with frequent updates on my retirement.

I posted my retirement notice on 29/11/2020. You can read it here

Please do revisit this post regularly to keep up to date as this post will be updated with new information and content almost daily in the run-up to and after retirement day.


Retirement on 31.12.2020 was very succesful.

Certain trades and deals that spilled over are being completed.

The Club – A private network for friends, former staff, partners and associates is now live here.

Another health issue has come to light proving that this was probably the right time to retire. At least they have tracked down the chronic pain.

I am closing down Whatsapp more details below.

I am moving away from Facebook

I confirm that any data that is not required to be held past 30/06/2021 will be deleted from my systems after 30/06/2021 and prior to 10/07/2021.

Please contact me if there are issues.

My court@. tradehouse@ and support@ accounts will be monitored and any enquiries will be answered but I will not doing any substantial or substantive work.

There will be a minimum 24 hour turnaround time on all Trade House enquiries.

The tradehouse email account will be retired in April 2021.

Any outstanding trades will be wrapped.

The tradehouse account will be checked twice daily.

It is expected that some people will not have bothered to read these digests, so email cover will be more frequent from 05/01 – 15/01. I do lament the way that the teaching of reading has been dumbed down in schools.

I will be back to previously advertised turnaround times from 18:00 15/01/2021.

I will start to archive business content from mid February 2021.

I will be learning Python and trying to complete the Daily Telegraph crossword in under 8 minutes consistently!

CourtFax is going to be modelled away from a business platform.

I have been asked if I will write a book based on over 20 years in business. This is not an immediate project and is under consideration.

29/12 – I have been asked if I would continue to write Market Comment. I am afraid that the answer has to be no. I may however write topical blogs on this website on business matters as I see them. I have been asked to look at writing a few other things and will make a decision in due course.

02/01 – I have started building a new personal platform on the remains of Courtfax. I am pleased at how the first multi device streaming of films is going!

15/01 – I will be rewriting the guide to buying lifestyle businesses this year!

24/01 very little progress on these so far.

I am in the market for a holiday home/lodge or narrowboat   A wood where I can legally place a static caravan or holiday lodge might fit the bill too. I am open on location and a good budget is available.

I would like to get this wrapped up June in order to be able to enjoy some of the summer.

Contact me using the form below if you have anything.

I am replacing most of my IT/Media kit. Please contact me to do deals. (3x TV. PVR. multiroom, CCTV, 3 x laptop, 1x printer, cabling, 2 x tablet, 1 x camera,  3 x smartphones, 2 x smart watches some smart home stuff, 3 x UMPC’s)

02/01 – Anyone selling Lenovo or Microsoft Tablets should contact me urgently if they want a sale.

07/01 – I have purchased a Lenovo tablet. All other kit is required.

15/01 – I only require the UMPC’s

I am looking to lease a Volkswagen Caddy Life and or another vehicle (Mini) – Contact me if you are in the car leasing business.

Please contact me using the form below if any of these are of interest.

Please feel free to pass these on to friends, colleagues, associates and networks.

Post COVID work available in Ireland (sometime 2021) . Project Manager for agri to resi/leisure/retail conversion. Must have manager experience on more than one similar project. Timescales likely to be “progressive”

02/01 – This is still available

15/01 – I may have some more stuff from friends coming up contact me for more info.

24/01 Some stuff on the Frontpage of this website.

The following business channels are FOR SALE By Court Guinness and The Trade House

The Trade Counter – Business stock import from Europe and China. – SOLD

The Trade Desk – A networking (telephone and internet) based deal making and deal matching service.

The Trade Room – SME & HNWI Business consultancy and project management.

The Trade House Magazine – A successful business deals magazine.

Virtual Offices – A virtual office hosting business. 25/12 – SOLD

A selection of shareholdings in some profitable Irish businesses. 17/12 – no longer available

A selection of shareholdings in some profitable UK businesses. – 17/12 – I have offers. 20/12 – Transaction in progress – SOLD

A selection of intellectual property from The Trade Library for the professional services, recruitment, travel and tourism, emerging technology, information technology and technology sectors. – STILL AVAILABLE

Trade Jobs – a very small recruitment portal and service for senior positions in small businesses and start-ups. – Sold

Reasonable offers are sought for the whole of the above or for individual parts of the above.  A good handover package is available. Finance may be available.

Alternatives to straight sale will also be considered and are encouraged. I am in a position to do deals!

All reasonable offers and deal structures are now considered.

Please feel free to share these with friends, colleagues, associates and networks.

I have some spot business available (perm, manager level) for recruitment agents ( added 04/12/2020) -2 ops left.

02/01 – All now filled.

I am delighted to announce that this website has won just over 139,000 visitors in 2020!

2021 has already seen 3,900 visitors won.

The website will undergo a mild restructuring in January 2021. This is in progress.

02/01. There have been some mild changes and there are more to follow.

There is a tit for tat with Facebook regarding blocking of one of their IP addresses. This means that I cannot post links to this website on Facebook. Members of The Club can view the whole story here.

This incident is now known as linkgate.

I will be removing Whatsapp shortly see here.


In view of the ongoing stalker issues a number of Irish IP address ranges have been blocked from accessing

More stalker updates available here

Recent changes seem to have fixed this issue.

The Winter 2020/2021 Special Edition of The Trade House Magazine has already won 30,102 unique readers since 25 November. A copy is below the contact form. Update 17/12 – now 40,000 readers. Update 27/12/2020 – 55,189 readers!!!!!!! 31/12 – 70,541 readers 🙂 Update 24/01 82,000 readers.


My Irish stalker has returned. Update 17/12 – it only looks like one visit. I will block Eircom IP addresses if they come back. 27/12 Update – they have not ceased. I will be blocking IP ranges. 02/01 – IP Ranges blocked.

I have wrapped up my Irish and French business interests. Some personal interests remain in both countries, I will be visiting both countries when the covid situation becomes more manageable. I am currently looking to plan for late summer and early Autumn. The trip to mainland Europe will take in Brussels as well as Northern France and there is a possibility of nipping to Luxembourg for a piss up convivial drinks evening yes, read piss up. My Ireland visit will be largely Dublin centric.





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