“Linkgate” – What Is It?

Linkgate is a new term for an incident involving Facebook.

Basically every time I posted a link on Facebook to this website. A visit from a Facebook corporate IP address would automatically visit. This would be followed later by a visit from an Irish residential IP address (one of my stalkers). Said stalkers individual accounts on Facebook have been blocked by me for a long time.

This was then followed by regular visits to random pages here by said Facebook IP address to posts and pages here that have never been linked to from my Facebook account followed by guess what later on. A  visit from an Irish residential account.

Members of The Club are aware of more of the detail.

Subsequently, I blocked both the Facebook IP and the Irish residential account and subsequently, I have been blocked by Facebook from posting deep links to this site. Tit for tat tactics obviously employed by the Facebook employee that is assisting the stalker. There can be no other reasonable explanation.

Hence the tag linkgate.

Hence I am posting less on Facebook and more on other networks.

I will also be engaging a data protection lawyer.