So What Has Happened To CourtFax?

I have been asked by quite a few people about the CourtFax system. Have I mothballed it? Deleted it? What?


Well, CourtFax is still alive and well and doing its stuff even after my retirement. Its security and monitoring functions are keeping this site and a few other things in the best of health and are alerting me to issues, hackers and stalkers and dealing with them where possible as they always have.

The Nextcloud facility has changed as has its remit. It now contains more personal and urgent documentation and less commercial files.  A new more personal contact management system is in place in lieu of the CRM system which has been mothballed.

Home assistant has been added well to look after the home.

The marketing and landing page system has been removed as there is no longer a need for it. New web based apps, for music, video and images have been added and a new RSS Tools provides a good rolling news feed. Radio and podcasts add to this.

My love of retro gaming is catered for with a number of HTML clones of popular games.

An additional WordPress instance provides an excellent wrapper for all these systems.

A number of smaller php, javascript and html scripts also play their part and add to the CourtFax mix.

Of course this site is monitored and controlled by and linked to CourtFax.

I self host all of this stuff and it is supported by a good NAS device and a backup setup.

So there we have it CourtFax is not going away anytime soon!