Airbus Hits 50!

Or more correctly the Airbus A300 series aircraft marks its 50th birthday.

Why do we bother with a mention in this blog then?

Well from 1997-2014 I was flying a lot. I was using aircraft like most people use buses or trains.  The record is 190 flights in one year with most years settling around the 80-90 average mark. A total of just under 1200 flights were taken. Doing some maths upon hearing the news of the 50th Birthday of the Airbus A300 I worked out that 800 -900  ish  or two-thirds to three-quarters of these flights would have been courtesy of an Airbus A300 series. I knew the cabin crew led safety drill on these aircraft backwards!

This is where it gets interesting as during that time apart from a notable occasion when an RJ Avro 100 I was travelling on came perilously close to tipping over one Friday night at London Gatwick Airport in a very bad storm I was not involved in one incident in the air. Statistically, I probably should have been involved in a serious incident that would have meant that this blog post would never see the light of day.  We can chat about weird things such as the anti-terrorist squad asking me to translate german when trying to stop someone putting guns on an Aer Lingus to Dublin in another blog!

You see this aircraft did most things well for me. It did deliver me to many places all over the world to do business in safety and comfort and mostly on-time (I won’t discuss BA’s punctuality on this post either!). Sure some fellow passengers could be utter a***holes but eye candy in the form of very attractive cabin crew sometimes made up for that! It did it comfortably too. I was never very uncomfortable unless trying to sleep, but unless you are flying in a first class bed sleeping on an aircraft is difficult for most people. On that subject it is probably a regret that I did not get a chance to try a first class bed on an A380 flight from say Hong Kong or Singapore to London – always my worst flights, ever I am sure first-class in  A380 would have made an admirable job of making it more comfortable.!

So there we have it an underrated safe star performer of its time.

So, Happy Birthday Airbus A300 and Thank You! 🙂