Court Guinness Major Update – November 2020

Update from Court Guinness – November 2020


Well, 2020 has been a complete waste of time and a little like that annoying house guest who doesn’t get the hint to **** off!


So lets gets the highlights out of the way. My health has been the same usual s**t show that it has been for the past few years and we can now add glaucoma to the list L This should be treated shortly as I have only just been diagnosed.


My hearing has got worse and I tend to now favour email or messaging over the telephone. It is usually easier to get a speedy response via email and telephone response can be patchy owing to excessive tinnitus and ear pain. I can also be contacted via the contact form and Trade Club Helpdesk.


My stalkers have appeared to get the message and have stayed away since I took extra action in March for one of them this has been 9 years coming.


There isn’t much more to report on the personal side and I have not yet managed to break anything else since the last update!

Business has been more than quiet and two projects have reached the bin stage.  Project FastLane a Reg-Tech project in the international trade and development sector will reach its conclusion shortly.

I have some space for new stuff and projects in 2021. Personal projects for 2021 include some cryptocurrency stuff, learning Python and buying and probably renovating a new house (or getting someone to do it for me!). I will be building out some new software soon that will be public access.

The annual review of the business has been completed and with that come some changes. Trade Jobs, The Trade Room, The Trade Counter and Virtual Office are being retired with effect from 31/12/2020.

The Trade Desk and Trade Suite are being merged into The Trade Club.

I will continue to run The Trade Club and The Trade House Magazine.

Trade Club Registration is here (Link).

From 31/12/2020 Anyone doing business with me must register first.

Once Covid has settled in 2021 I will be spending time in Ireland and Mainland Europe. I will make an announcement and arrange meetings and drinks events nearer the time.

I am pleased to announce that this website has received 94,286 visitors this year. It works out that people are spending a total of 23 minutes of every hour on this website on average! I am rather pleased with this!

The Winter 2020/2021 Special has already won over 3,000 unique readers since being released just over 24 hours ago and over 1,000 people have read Market Comment.  Market Comment is my clarksonistic take on what is going on in the deal-making marketplace. To date, The Trade House Magazine issues published in 2020 have reached 169,000 unique readers. The latest issues of The Trade House and Market Comment are below for those of you who have not read them yet.

That’s all for what is effectively a year-end update.

Thank you all for reading.

Best regards



The Trade House Magazine Winter 2020/2021 Special Edition

Market Comment December 2020

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