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21/07/20 – Recovery Complete

I am delighted to announce that at as of 13:03 UK time on 21/07/20 that I have recovered the WordPress components of this website following the attack in the small hours of this morning. Please see here for information.

Further precautions have been taken to ensure this never happens again.

I have been through the verbose logs. No user data was compromised.

With the exception of Nextcloud/Talk/Extranet all systems are now fully operational. Nextcloud/Talk/Extranet will be fully operational later today 21/06/2020. I reiterate that all links to these systems should be discarded as new unique links will have to be generated.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise once again for any inconvenience that this attack on the website has caused.

With warmest regards to everyone


PS: If you need to contact me regarding this issue please use the form below.

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