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Attention All People Interested In The Trade House. Notification 05/07/2020 -1

Fear not we are not about to fold, go under or be taken over, however, we have made an interesting strategic decision to give you all more value and enable you all to benefit from a vibrant Trade House!

In order to harness the services offered by The Trade House to clients, advertisers, suppliers, readers, friends, colleagues and associates I have decided to merge The Trade Club, The Trade Desk and The Trade Lounge with effect from 01/08/2020.

The following membership classifications will apply.

Dealers and Resellers
Joint Venture Membership
Senior Trader Club
Trade Suite 

All Trade Lounge members will become Standard Members by default. Trade Desk Clients should apply for Standard Membership too.

From 01/08/2020 the following will only be available to Trade Club members.

  • Trade House Magazine Advertising
  • Email Newsletter Advertising
  • Podcast Advertising
  • Database Reports
  • Advance Deal Notifications
  • Supplying Goods And Services To The Trade House
  • Access To The Trade Library
  • Trade House Sentinel Services
  • Access To Trade House Consultants

Trade Club Membership is FREE. To join simply fill out the form below.

The Trade Club Brochure

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