New Service – Database Searches

I am pleased to announce a new database searching service at The Trade House.

What is it?

Database searching allows checked individuals to use the telephone, email, live chat or Facebook messenger to get business opportunities from our large database.

How does it work?

Simply contact us and tell us your budget, the business sector and the type of deal you require and we will provide you with a list containing the reference number, the location, the value and a short description.

This covers all deal types and opportunity types in our system. We can cross reference up to 70 different locations, 65 business sectors, 25 different deal types. with over 5,000 deals in our database ranging from £5 to £155,000,000 we are confident we have something for everyone even in these constrained times.

How much does it cost?

This service is free at the moment but I do reserve the right to start charging in the future. I will provide notice when I start charging.

Any catches?

You will be asked to subscribe to The Trade house Magazine and you will be asked to tell your friends, colleagues and associates about it but that is all. Two questions. No absolute obligation!

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