Court Guinness//The Trade House – Big Update – 03/05/2020

I am delighted to bring you this rather large update for early May 2020.

A unique statistic to start with. I recently found out (this morning) that visitors to this website since the start of the year spend an average of 3 hours 36 minutes a day on this website. I think this is a fantastic figure and I would like to thank everyone for visiting.

The Trade Club

The Trade Club is the partner program from The Trade house which replaces an old an unfit for purpose partner program that simply did not do enough. Most membership tiers are free. A video and brochure are below.


As many of you know I have been put on the 12 week shielding notice from the government which is an absolute pain the ****! This means that the earliest face to face meetings will now be from week commencing 27/07/2020. Meeting slots have already been booked up for that week. I can confirm that I have not succumbed to this crappy virus.

I will be in Ireland from 18/09/20 to 25/09/20 – this is a provisional booking. Provisional meeting slots are now available. A visit to France has yet to be provisionally booked.

The COVID-19 Special Edition of Market Comment is available here.


As mentioned above since the beginning of the year visitors to this website have spent an average of 3 hours 36 minutes a day on this website. April 2020 saw over 9,000 visits to this website.

Nothing has yet to be added to the breakage list in lockdown which is a good thing.

I have some availability for joint ventures and projects towards the end of the year.

I recently imported some new kit from Malaysia. (Laptop, windows tablet, android tablet, android smartphone and android smartwatch) So far I am very impressed and it has beaten some of my Lenovo kit in bench mark tests.

The Trade House Magazine

As I write this update The Trade House Magazine has achieved 9,362 readers. A copy of the magazine is below. It has over £1,600,000,000 of business opportunities inside. Work has already started on the July 2020 issue.

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