Update From Court Guinness and The Trade House 10/04/2020

Firstly I am delighted to announce that the courtguinness.com platform has been completely rebuilt from scratch and that teething problems have been resolved.

The platform is cleaner and faster with lots of new features both at the front and at the back office.

Next up, The Trade Club has been launched this replaces our partner program and is welcoming new members at all levels.

Both The Trade Lounge and The Trade Counter have returned. The Trade Counter is light on products owing to coronavirus but we hope this will change soon. The Trade Lounge is an interim solution.

The Trade House Magazine has reached over 30,000 readers. The advertising deadline is 24th April and we have lots of advertising space left! Advertising is FREE!!! We can go to 132 pages in this issue. As things stand we will have over £100 Million of new business opportunities in this issue. In total we will have over £1,500,000,000 of business and property opportunities in the next issue.

Trade Jobs.

Please see below for the latest jobs.


Court Guinness is still in isolation and is still working.


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