The name CourtFax crops up on these pages from time to time so what is it?

CourtFax is a bit of a mick take on Ceefax the old text-based information service from the BBC. (Information here)

In fact one of the logo’s for CourtFax tried to imitate the Ceefax logo. see below.

The current logo is a lot better.

In essence CourtFax is an information service which is more commonly known these days as an intranet and has more functionality than Ceefax did.

So what does CourtFax provide? The list below provides a comprehensive answer.

  • Web based email
  • Document sharing and storage
  • Video conferencing
  • Online chat
  • Contacts, Calendars, Bookmarks and Tasks.
  • A Kanban project manageent system.
  • Access to the support and trouble ticketing system.
  • An online clone of Microsoft Visio
  • A CRM System
  • An online marketing tool
  • A Pastebin
  • A note-taking system
  • A newsreader
  • A URL Shortener
  • A Proxy Server
  • A PGP encryption tool
  • An FTP Client
  • An online Software Development Tool
  • An infrastructure monitoring tool
  • Tools for monitoring and tracking the currency markets, the UK stock market and some crypto currencies.
  • A password manager
  • An online radio player
  • A website analytics tool
  • Some website security tools
  • Web based anti-virus tools
  • Web based anti-hijack and anti-ransomware tools

Many will ask why and many will ask how so here is an explanation. All of the tools above are Free Open Source Software (FOSS) and as such are available free from either the creator’s website or from GitHub.

Most tools are integrated into the Nextcloud product (I have raved about Nextcloud on this site on several occasions!) and others are integrated into a secondary HTML5/Javascript/CSS Wrapper. A primary HTML5/Javascript/CSS wrapper links and integrates both the Nextcloud instance and the tools within the secondary wrapper. So that is the how dealt with so let us move on to the why.

All of these tools are essential both individually and severally for the running of a good business especially one based on a number of smaller services such as The Trade House, where it is not the sum of the parts but the availability of the parts in the one place which is the key to its success. All of the tools above play their own vital part in the running of The Trade House. Some visitors may from time depending on their activity on this website “bump into” one or two of the tools above which not only help you with your visit but sometimes enhance, improve and secure your visit too.

So there we have it, all that you really want to know about CourtFax in as close to a nutshell as I can get it!


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