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Deal Marketing Group Update

Please click or see below for an update on The Deal Marketing Group

I have changed the name of this group to The Deal Making and Deal Marketing Group. This to reflect a change in the times we are in and also that Deal Marketing is just not enough any more. I will be updating the logos and marketing shortly. I felt was best to make the change immediately.

We are all in the poo one way or another at the moment, so the purpose of this group must change and the message must change too.

This group is group is open to anyone who is interested in deal making and marketing deals. All members are encouraged to invite friends, associates and colleagues to join our community. Everyone you invite will be made very welcome.

I am pretty much always around if anyone needs any assistance.

I urge you all to get out there or get in here and let’s do some business!

The Deal Making and Deal Marketing Group is here.

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