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Thieving Three Again 02/03/2020

So the debacle with Three UK continues. See here for more information.

Just had this email from Three saying I owe them money which I do not. Actually if you click the link above you can see that they owe me money.

Nope, Three. I don’t owe you money. I also know that you have been using an external debt agency to contact me using a number registered to you. Please note calls from this number are not answered by me as the number flashes up as Spam. It has flashed up as spam from the first call. Secondly, these calls are illegal because I never entered into the contract. Thirdly your collection agency is acting illegally.

Your CEO Dave Dyson has not responded to my letter and as I have been too busy running a proper business properly I have had not more time to deal with you.

So it is over to you Three. Heres some options:

  1. Carry on acting illegally and I will take more action against you.
  2. Pay the invoice and stop this crap within 24 hours and make sure I never hear from you dodgy lot ever again. Note the invoice attached to the letter is not up to date but I am going to be nice and accept full settlement of the first invoice only.
  3. I could Bankrupt you
  4. I have a GDPR good list of 5,000 people who claim to work for you. Should I “visit” one of them socially to sort this out?
  5. I have nastier debt collectors than Moorcroft available to me, would you like to talk to them?

Please note you need a C-Suite member of staff to deal with this.

So there we are the latest Thieving Three Update.